As ‘Ghostbusters‘ continues on its shooting schedule, it seems it is garnering a lot of attention from fans this summer, who has been pulling out their phones and posting videos to social media sites of the scenes they have watched so far.

It seems a couple of fans might have caught a moment that might be a spoiler for Chris Hemsworth‘s (‘Thor,’ ‘Avengers’) character, the team secretary, as they have footage of a blonde male stuntmen standing outside of Ghostbusters headquarters, reacting as though electrocuted or possessed, and then taking off on the Ecto-2 (the Ghostbusters motorcyle). Fans are speculating that it might be showing a pivotal point in the film where Hemsworth is sent back to headquarters by the team to retrieve something, is possessed by a ghost, and then heads off on the motorcycle to wreak havok. More footage of the stuntman also shows him doing tricks like popping wheelies as he drives away, which even more so suggests the man might be possessed at this point. If Hemsworth’s secretary has any of the personality traits of the original female secretary from ‘Ghostbusters,’ he would be a bit more timid than doing tricks on the bike in the middle of traffic.

Also on hand is footage of the Ghostbusting ladies being approached by the police after a mission, with actors Michael K. Williams (‘Boardwalk Empire’) and Matt Walsh (‘Into the Storm’) talking to Melissa McCarthy and company and then escorting them back to the black SUV they arrived in, with a comical moment of McCarthy being hit by the opening of the door and falling over. In another alternate version shot of the end of the scene, Williams and Walsh head back to their SUV, but find two SUVs parked next to each other, with one going to the wrong car and being honked at by the driver of the correct car.

Check out all the videos below, and stay tuned for more ‘Ghostbusters’ information and news as we receive it!


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