Any good video game gets a sequel, so why not a hit animated movie based on video games?  Multifaceted actor John C. Reilly appeared on Irish radio show RTE Arena, where he revealed that he’d signed on for ‘Wreck-It Ralph 2’ a follow-up to the 2012 Disney/Pixar film in which his title character is a video game bad guy that decides to change his casting to become a hero.  A second movie was announced last year, but there has been very little word on its progress since.

A producer for the radio show tweeted the following:

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Rich Moore, who directed the first movie, is expected to return, along with composer Henry Jackman.  Though nothing is confirmed, Moore previously suggested he would like Ralph to encounter alternate versions of himself from other versions of/sequels to his source game, ‘Fix-It Felix Jr.’  He also expressed hope to incorporate cameos from Mario and the menagerie from Angry Birds.  The first film featured cameos by Q-Bert, Root Beer Tapper and combatants from ‘Street Fighter.’  Angry Birds obviously has a relationship with Disney, since they have collaborated on a ‘Star Wars’ version of the popular time-suck app.

Since work on this sequel appear to be in the early stages, there’s no word on any additional returning cast members.  Co-starring with Reilly in the first were Jack McBrayer as Felix, Jane Lynch as Calhoun and Sarah Silverman as Vanellope.

Reilly’s last big budget movie was last year’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’  His voice can be heard on the animated series ‘Stone Quackers.’  Other than that, the actor has limited his roles to small foreign independent films.

Are you ready to get Wrecked again?  What game-themed adventures would you like to see Ralph and Vanellope embark on next?

Source: Cinema Blend