In the latest set of Marvel’s new take on ‘Star Wars’ comics that fall into what is now canon, we get a look at the life of Lando Calrissian! This is a Lando far before he ran Cloud City or helped join the rebellion when he was nothing more than just a rogue and scoundrel. Only, with it being Lando we all know he wasn’t just ANY scoundrel.

Charles Soule continues to be one of my favorite Marvel writers when he isn’t playing with one of the main stream stories out there. His work on short runs are fantastic and reading through the first issue here you can practically hear Billy Dee Williams’ voice coming right off the page. A true testiment to the character’s charming personality we actually first meet him charming his way out of quite a dangerous situation with an Imperial Governor. He doesn’t just introduce us to his take on Lando though but also gives a few more details about Lobot, his partner in crime.

The art feels perfect for the ‘Star Wars’ universe and Alex Maleev handles a perfect mixture of detail between humanity, an alien world, and the ships that keep us safe while in space. There isn’t much direct action but what is hinted at shows that we’re in for a real treat when any real fighting begins.

Much like when we were first introduced to Han Solo in the films we open this story with Lando having quite a large debt that needs to be settled. One that he has to pay off and quick if he doesn’t want to end up with a bounty on his head. We’ve all seen how fun the bounty hunters have in this galaxy far far away when they are chasing someone down.

This first issue not only gives us a bit of Lando’s history but also sets things up for what is to come in the story arc. Lando and Lobot have a chance to not only get out of debt but do so while getting ahead for a change. At least, that’s what they think. While they are busy trying to play the odds to getting ahead one has to ask if they are actually being played themselves. What begins to look like an easy heist looks to be so much more and when we find out who actually owns what they are stealing you just know that Calrissian is about to get in over his head.

The first issue of ‘Lando’ was a quick read but only because it was one that I couldn’t put down. This was the rogue we knew from ‘Star Wars’ and you truly get to see multiple aspects of the character. He’s a con artist to his very core and that aspect of him shines through on each and every page. The issue is more of a setup than a complete story but oh the trouble Lando gets himself into can’t help but make me wish that the next issue was coming out quicker! Seriously Marvel has been doing an amazing job at making these comics feel like they are coming right ouf of the original trilogy and if they can keep this level of quality up we’re really going to be in for something amazing.


Star Wars: Lando’ #1
Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Alex Maleev