Netflix and Marvel struck gold with their first collaboration, ‘Daredevil‘ based on the gritty street-based super hero.  It was such a rousing success that Netflix ordered a second season almost immediately, before the second series, ‘Jessica Jones‘ has even been given a release date and the third and fourth, ‘Luke Cage‘ and ‘Iron Fist‘ have begun filming.  But where can these two entertainment powerhouses go from there?  By doubling the costumed exploits.  ‘The Walking Dead’ alum, Jon Bernthal is joining the the second season as Frank Castle, the brutal skull-shirted vigilante who makes it his mission to take out crime permanently.

There has been talk for a while that The Punisher may factor into the Marvel/Netflix plan and word is, he will be the major conflict throughout Season Two, with the more merciful Daredevil (Charlie Cox) split between taking down corruption and attempting to stop The Punisher’s bloody killing spree.

With all the fuss coming out of SDCC, it seems the cast and crew of ‘Daredevil’ are back at work, filming the next installment in The Man Without Fear’s TV saga.

One fan managed to make it onset and snapped a few blurry pics of Bernthal in character.  He is in public and not wearing his signature black and white uniform, so this is Frank Castle, not necessarily his dark alter ego.  Check out the shots below!

What do you think?  Are you pumped to see the violent Punisher make his debut?  Is Bernthal a good pick to play the part?  Check back for better pics and more info as it becomes available.

Source: Screen Crush