If you need your fix for Ryan Reynolds today, then we have a slew of images from his new film ‘Self/less’!

What if you could live forever? That is the premise of ‘Self/less.; When the opportunity is given to wealthy NYC tycoon Damian (Ben Kingsley) whose body is slowly dying to transfer his consciousness into the healthy body of Ryan Reynolds (and it doesn’t get any healthier than that, right?), the dying man jumps at a second chance for life. With the help of the mysterious Albright (Matthew Goode), the transfer is complete… well, not really complete. Like in all good sci-fi stories, there’s a twist.

Focus Feature has released these images from the film which show off quite a bit of the visual aesthetics that has been become the signature of director Tarsem Singh. Take a look below and let us know if you plan on seeing the film!


‘Self/less’ is in theaters now.