Murder is so in this year, you guys. Front runners of this trend forecast are none other than Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk (whom may as well be our Lord and Saviors when it comes to anything horror related), and they’re at it again (along with Ian Brennan) in the their new series, ‘Scream Queens,’ slated to air September 22nd on Fox.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a huge place in my heart for ‘American Horror Story‘ (also the brainchild of Murphy & Falchuk), but it’s time to put a nail in that coffin and focus on the fresh meat in front of us. I could go on for days (and many many pages) about how excited I am for this Whodunnit, but I’ll save my longwinded tirades for someone who really cares. Like my dog.

‘Queens’ focuses on Kappa Sorority, its pledges, and a string of grizzly murders that takes place around the college campus. To add an even bigger tongue-in-cheek element to the show, the murderer dresses up as a RED DEVIL. Let the Chanel soaked bloodbath begin.

Stars include Emma Roberts (recycled from ‘AHS’), Jamie Lee Curtis (recycled from ‘Halloween’), Lea Michele (recycled from ‘Glee’), Abigail Breslin (recycled from ‘Zombieland), Skyler Samuels (also recycled from ‘AHS’) and Nick Jonas (recycled from ‘The Jonas Brothers’ and anything on the ‘Disney Channel’).

I want to kiss this cast on the mouth. Hard. But they better freaking deliver. If they don’t my journal is going to get some seriously angsty entries come September…

‘Queens’ is coming in hot with the sass and its more than evident in these new character promos with running tagline “Couldn’t You Just Die?”. My guess is yes. Yes, you’re all going to die. Well, most of you anyway.

Earlier rounds of promos held tagline “Pretty Evil” which showcased some questionably large bubblegum bubbles and slasher knives that would make Michael Myers jealous.

Let us know in the comments section below if you’re as thrilled about this breath of fresh air of television programming as I am.

Side note: For those of you planning on tuning-in this fall, this humble writer will be posting the reviews on ‘Queens,’ right here, at, so don’t forget to read up! (Shameless plug over).