Fox has released 4 new clips from the movie ‘Prometheus’ so if you don’t want to see any part of the film until its released next week, then I would suggest you not watch them. Each clip is about 1 minute long and does contain some spoilers but thankfully not of the Space Jockey or “aliens” that have been glimpsed at in prior clips and trailers.

As you watch the clip ‘We Made You Because We Could,’ watch how Michael Fassbender plays David as it brings home his points about David Bowie and Greg Louganis influencing his performance in this role. Charlize Theron proves again you don’t have to be a Queen to be a hard edged bi-otch and the suspense that was so much part of the first film, ‘Alien.’ seems to continue on in the clip ‘Don’t Touch Anything’.

So viewers beware! These clips are from the movie itself, but if you’re one of the few who love to see and read as much info before going to the film, enjoy!

‘Prometheus’ Clip – Before the Adventure:

‘Prometheus’ Clip – We Made You Because We Could:

‘Prometheus’ Clip – Don’t Touch Anything:

‘Prometheus’ Clip – Can’t Let It Leave: