SPOILER ALERT: This post includes reported details about the ‘Power Rangers’ movie, so if you want to avoid spoilers, you may want to stop reading.

More potential spoilers have emerged regarding the upcoming big screen reboot of the ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ due in theaters in 2017.  We previously reported that the movie supposedly opens in the Cretaceous Era, during a battle between Rita Repulsa and a prehistoric alien team of Power Rangers, led by the original Red Ranger who turns out to be Zordon.

Now descriptions have emerged detailing the next portion of the movie, which introduces and offers descriptions of the Rangers themselves as well as Rita’s mission to find a new champion.  Proceed with caution:

65 million years after Zordon makes a desperate move to defeat Rita, he reappears as a being of pure light, with the assistance of Alpha 5, his robot and realizes that Rita has also survived into the modern time.  In order to stop her, he knows he needs a new team of Power Rangers, elite warriors usually collected from around the galaxy, “the best and most disciplined chosen from billions. Taught from the time they were children.”

Meanwhile in Angel Grove, the future Rangers are introduced.  All are 16 years of age and employ the names of the original five Rangers from the TV show.  Jason, the Red Ranger is shown at Hart Automotive, a repair shop, where he apparently works.  The shop is owned by the father of Kimberly Hart.  Kimberly, who becomes the Pink Ranger, is described as “a perfectionist on every level, academically and physically.”  She is also romantically involved with Jason, as her father walks in on the two of them making out!

Also introduced are Billy (Blue Ranger), who is described as being “brilliant” and Trini (Yellow Ranger), who is “a bit of a loner, who is out in the desert doing yoga.”

The most detailed introduction belongs to Zack, the future Black Ranger, who is a cocky sports ace, spotted scoring big at a basketball arcade game at Dave & Buster’s.  He is so impressive that a college coach tries to recruit him, but the haughty Zack dismisses them, saying “There is no ‘I’ in team.”

Jason and Billy investigate a dinosaur fossil that Billy spies on Google Earth.  In the desert, the pair discover the five Power Coins, but the pair argue over them and it appears that Billy throws them back on the ground.  (There is mention of a decommissioned military base nearby, which will surely factor in later.)

Scientists in Hawaii discover the moon being pelted by a meteor shower, throwing the Earth’s tides to be thrown off as a result of the change to the moon’s gravitational pull.  In Angel Grove, the five would-be Rangers team up to rescue a mother from a sudden tidal wave that strikes the coast.

It isn’t clearly explained, but somehow each winds up with a Power Coin, even though they don’t have the rigorous training that prior Rangers did.  Zordon has no choice but to hope the coins chose wisely, as he only has 71 hours to stop Rita, who is collecting gold from around the world to resurrect her champion Goldar.

So far, pretty decent and fairly true to the original concept.  Not all of the characters are fully fleshed out.  Kimberly’s description recasts her as an overachiever, whereas the original, played by Amy Jo Johnson, was more of a Valley Girl/mallrat type.  And there were never any romantic sparks between her and Jason, but that could add drama when/if Tommy is introduced.

And the original Zack, portrayed by Walter Jones, was a nice, friendly guy and his love, other than martial arts, was hip hop music and dancing, not basketball.  His cocky attitude here does give him a “dark side” which is a deviation, but could work for the Black Ranger.

The details here sound like they could only take place in the first twenty minutes or so of the movie, so there is a lot more yet to be revealed.  There’s no mention of Tommy… yet.

What do you think so far?  Are you excited to see a new, more sophisticated take on the cheesy 90s TV hit?  What else would you like to see?  Squat and Baboo?  Bulk and Skull?  Any casting choices?  Comment below!

Source: Heroic Hollywood