As teased at the end of season and then confirmed at this year’s Star Wars Celebration, Darth Vader will be playing a big part in the second season of Disney XD’s ‘Star Wars Rebels.’ James Earl Jones returns to his legendary role as the Dark Lord of the Sith when he hunts down and faces off with Ezra, Kanan, and the rest of the crew of the Ghost. But ahead of the season premiere this weekend, a new clip has been released to remind ‘Star Wars’ fans of the unstoppable power of the Dark Side.

IGN recently released an exclusive clip from the one-hour ‘Star Wars Rebels’ event titled ‘The Siege of Lothal’ that finds our heroes face to face with the former Anakin Skywalker and the soulless visage of his iconic helmet. Of course, as one should do after getting on Lord Vader’s bad side, the crew opts to run and fight another day. You can check out the clip from the special that airs this Saturday on Disney XD below:

Darth Vader won’t be the only fan favorite returning to a galaxy far, far away for ‘Star Wars Rebels.’ Ashley Eckstein and Dee Bradley Baker are returning to reprise their roles as Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex from ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ as well. And considering that Ahsoka was revealed to be the rebel coordinator Fulcrum at the end of season one, we can expect her to take a fairly prominent role in season two and possibly even aid Ezra and Kanan in their fight against Darth Vader.

Are you excited to see Darth Vader cause some trouble in ‘Star Wars Rebels’? How does it feel to hear James Earl Jones’ voice coming from one of the most sinister beings in all of pop culture once again? Sound off in the comments.

‘Star Wars Rebels: The Seige of Lothal’ debuts on Saturday, June 20th at 9:00pm EST on Disney XD, while the rest of season two comes our way this fall.