We begin with Bo hunched over the bathroom sink, being assaulted by the voices in her head. She seems to be reliving an argument with her friends. The big Rainer-is-my-new-boyfriend reveal of last episode apparently didn’t go so well. The camera pans and we see Bo’s face is splattered with blood. Wow, so maybe the fight was more than verbal? Rainer walks up behind her and reassures her that it had to be done. Wait, what? Now I know and you know that Bo did not just kill everyone she has ever loved but it’s just such a great opening misdirect that for a heart beat you have think… maybe she did.

Cut to some woman at a pool scolding some person on the other end of a cell phone about a mobile launch. She thinks she’s Steve Jobs. She threatens to have some guy named Darren cut the person in half if she doesn’t get what she wants. With a satisfied smirk she hangs up and jumps in the pool. She is alone, well except for something invisible in the water that makes her legs disappear. Ew. Cue the mildly suggestive ‘Lost Girl’ logo and we are ready to begin our adventure under the sea! (Yes, there will be more ‘Little Mermaid’ references throughout this recap. You have been warned so don’t get your seashells in a bunch. See, I did it right there.)

We are at the gym. Lauren and Dyson are upset with Bo’s decision to lock them out and definitely not dead. Kenzi brings them coffee and a new case. It’s about the executive in the pool with the missing legs. Nobody knows what happened; some would say they are stumped. Lauren and Dyson don’t think they should be working on any case that isn’t Bo, but Kenzi reminds them Bo has made it pretty clear she wants no part of them and the situation might improve with time and breathing room. She also makes a passing reference to Tamsin resting and recovering. Maybe there was a fight afterall? Tamsin’s blood on Bo’s face perhaps?

Bo is at home trying to understand what’s going on and Rainer is in a towel. She is questioning what “they did.” Her memories are back and she realizes what she did she did willingly, but she still doesn’t understand. Neither does the audience so here comes a well  timed flashback.

On the train Bo pulls a knife and confronts The Wanderer. Rainer is playing coy. He doesn’t know why Bo is there and insinuates she’s not the first girl to ride that train. Rainer summons his handmaiden to take Bo to her compartment. Rainer has mastered the whole hard to get thing and it completely disarms Bo, leaving her with a lowered knife and a WTF look on her face.

At the gym the crew is meeting with the legless executive, who is also Fae – a Pixie. She’s not aware of any nefarious practices. She does throw Darren (there’s that name again) under the bus by saying they should talk to him and that he is a man of many secrets. Dyson and Kenzi are going undercover. Diana further explains that the corporate building has some unique security features, such as body temp sensors that alert big brother if anyone gets flustered or nervous. (Really, heat sensor security is a thing?)  Conveniently she has hacked them into the system so they can monitor their own heat signatures or that of anyone else. (Gee, can’t imagine how that is going to play into the resolution of the case. Telegraphed plot points for 200 Alex.)

Kenzie is wearing a power suit and monitoring the heat sensors on a cool phone app while Dyson is delivering mail. He tries to deliver to the mysterious Darren and is blocked by his assistant. Dyson places a heat bug on the letter and it’s time to track its movement. Kenzi jumps up in a heating vent and crawls around the ceiling for a while after the package, finally landing in an ominous looking room with more legs than a Rockettes USO show. (Ask your parents.) It looks like all of Darren’s mail is dropped into the leg lab through an automated system of tubes. Kenzi rummages around and pulls a medical bill for Tad, Darren’s annoying assistant we met earlier. He’s suffering from some long syllable illness. Kenzi takes a picture and sends it to Lauren. Dyson is in the pool taking pictures and sending them to Lauren. Lauren wants a plant sample. Dyson figures out the pool is salt water and has a pearl in the filtration system.

Back on the train Bo wants out. She threatens the handmaiden who has nothing but nice things to say about Rainer, and Bo. She brought Bo a slinky red dress and invited her to have dinner with Rainer. Bo is looking a little peckish and is going to need to feed, one way or the other.

Lauren and Dyson are in the gym analyzing the pearl while Kenzi remains at Alaria Industrial. Lauren discovers the pearl is not a pearl but rather a crystallized salt deposit. Dyson freaks out. We have mermaids, and from the look on Dyson’s face they are not known for their singing. Mermaids are the psychopaths of the seas. Time for Kenzi to run, only she doesn’t want to. She’d rather grab a crab and sing a duet as she is a huge mermaid fan. Dyson tries to explain how evil mermaids actually are and it is eventually decided the gang needs to remove the tail thumping threat from Alaria.

Back on the train Bo confronts Rainer at dinner. Again all her aggression is skillfully deflected by Rainer and his bored, helpless, clueless demeanor. He didn’t bring her here and she can’t change anything. Rainer sees Bo for the Succubus she is and she explains her nonalignment. Rainer says that is impossible. He explains how he is cursed. Bo takes her dinner to go.

At Alaria Kenzi is snooping for answers and we find out Tad is also missing his legs. He mentions how he contracted a disease, had to have his legs amputated, and accrued a mountain of medical bills. Darren seemed to come out of nowhere and paid for his treatment and gave him a job at Alaria. Tad sees it as his mission to protect Darren at all costs. Lauren notes the files she stole show the legs belonging to men and all separated with surgical precision. Diana’s de-legging at the pool was much less precise. Time for Kenzi to go back to the leg lab for some samples but not before she steals some letters from Tad’s filing cabinet.

On the train Rainer meets Bo in her compartment. He’s all broody. He tells Bo he used to have the gift of foresight in battle. He could see attacks before they happened. He tells her how he fought to end Light and Dark. He can’t remember who cursed him, who took his power, or who trapped him on the train. He is a tortured soul and Bo is warming up to him.

In the leg lab Kenzi is trying to open a containment device when a male mermaid enters the room. With a wave of his hand he causes Kenzi to drop to the floor, drowning. (Cut to a Geico commercial with that talking pig. I’m sorry, but there is no Fae on ‘Lost Girl’ that is as creepy as that thing. It doesn’t sell insurance, it peddles nightmares. Ew… but I digress.)

Kenzi stops drowning long enough to talk to Darren who is creepy but very well dressed. He looks over the letters Kenzi stole from Tad. It looks like they were from his sister, Dominique. There are pearls inside and it seems that means she intends to kill him. Also, Darren insists he didn’t take Diana’s legs, in fact he seems surprised to learn she was missing them. It looks like Darren just wanted to be part of a world he didn’t belong to. He uses donor legs to look the part. Tad’s amputated legs were his first. See, he’s not a monster. There might be some under the sea singing yet! Or not as Diana’s cut up legs are sent through the mail tube as a portent of impending doom. Dominique is close. She is moving around the pool water system. Time to go fishing. Lauren and Dyson are at the pool and it’s time for a swim. Dyson spots the mermaid leg stealer and Lauren disables her with some sort of ultrasonic gadget. They just bagged themselves a mermaid.

On the train Bo sees a butterfly in a bell jar and seems flashes back to her childhood where she was holding the dead butterfly and crying. Bo opens the jar and the butterfly comes to life. Rainer walks up behind her and they have a moment. Rainer tells Bo to go before she misses her stop. She refuses and they kiss. Bo doesn’t know why she’s kissing him but keeps kissing him anyway.

At the pool we have the makings of a classic fish out of water tale. The mermaid is really focused on acquiring some legs. She needs them to get to her brother. He abandoned her. Apparently mermaids are a lot like the Amish. When they are of age they get a pair of Lieutenant Dan’s Magic Legs and go on a Rumspringa. Darren found a way to make his more permanent. Oh, and mermaids cry pearls. After 18 such pearls a mermaid has shown they have suffered enough to take a life. She just has some abandonment issues and is not there to kill her brother. Now her sister on the other hand… Wait, there’s another sister? Yup, and this mermaid took that mermaid’s walking sticks. (Hmm, who else in this episode is missing legs? Uh oh.)

Back at the gym Kenzi, Darren, and Diana are all having a chat. There is some dolphin-esque speech exchanged, which is really cool until you figure out it was between two merfolk. Surprise, Diana is not a Pixie, she’s a mermaid and she wants Kenzi’s legs. The other sister revealed.

We cut to Kenzi strapped to a table and Darren theatrically running a knife up and down her legs, looking for just the right spot. Kenzi wants to know why Diana hired them if she thought her own brother did it. She thought he was trying to get rid of her so she hired them to get rid of him. Which brings us to my favorite quote of the episode, and perhaps the season so far. “God, for a species without ass-holes you sure act like ones.” (Swoon. I love Kenzi.) Dyson and Lauren enter, wheeling in Dominique. The little mermaid just wants her family to come home. Dyson tries to wolf out but Darren quickly sets him to drowining. There’s some more talking and eventually it’s decided the family can be together, but topside. Diana gets Kenzi’s legs, Dominique gets Lauren’s, and Darren upgrades to wolf legs. Everyone wins. Well, except for the mermaids because Lauren is a smart human. She gets the hose and sprays them down with tap water. (They so stole that from ‘Signs’)

On the train Bo and Rainer are having a post coital confab. Rainer tells her Kenzi and Dyson are close to finding and breaking the compass, which will wipe Bo’s memory of him. But not if Bo can help it. We see a montage of her plan coming together and all the clues she left for herself to lead her back to Rainer, including that contract with the Dark. They share a moment and we see Rainer put his mark on Bo.

Cut to modern day Una Mens. Rainer and Bo pay them a visit. Rainer has a Gambit moment and then confirms he can see their attacks. His power is back and they are in danger. The Una Mens remind him the power is dangerous, too dangerous for a rebel to have. The Una Mens declare war on Bo and vow to kill everyone she loves while forcing her to watch. Bo doesn’t like that and the fight is on. Rainer starts beating on the flunkies while Bo fights the Una Mens. Rainer, being able to see their attacks before they happen calls out instruction and Bo begins to kick their creepy androgynous butts.

Team Kenzi is cleaning up the mess in the gym. Kenzi is upset that Bo never called. She is worried and the look on her face kinda breaks your heart as we are reminded of the larger picture.

Back to the Una Mens, who are battered, bloody, and seriously messed up. They warn Bo about eternal damnation and a horrible fate if she goes through with this and follows Rainer. Bo has had enough and drives a sword through the lead Una Mens.

At home we find Bo in her room, blood cleansed from her face. (Now we know where it came from.) Trick is there. He begs Bo not to slay the Una Mens. He warns if they are, their power will amass into one single remaining seed, the Origin Seed, which was stolen from him a few episodes ago. Too late. We see the Origin Seed in a box and power is flowing into it. A battered hand reaches down to the now glowing seed as the credits roll. What has Bo done? Tune in next week to find out.