Sony Pictures continues their advertising campaign for the Chris Columbus (‘Harry Potter,’ ‘Home Alone’) helmed ‘Pixels‘ this week with a new TV spot which features a lot of new footage from the film, including some better looks at some of the video game characters that will be attacking the world in the movie.

Of course we see more of the Pac-Man scenes (which is a shame because I feel like we’ve seen so many of the Pac-Man scenes already through TV Spots and trailers that I’m not sure when we actually see the film whether there will be anything new), we also see some better shots of Donkey Kong and his barrels, a new shot of Paper Boy (I think, I’m not as well-versed on the old arcade games), shots of Centipede, and last, we see Ashley Benson playing Lady Lisa, the warrior from 2009’s ‘Dojo Quest.’ While it is exciting to see the other games that will be featured in ‘Pixels,’ similar to my feelings about all the Pac-Man footage already released, I worry that Sony is tipping their hand with all these trailers and TV spots, giving out way too many of the surprises and cool scenes during the advertising campaign. Of course, it could also be that Sony itself is worried about the film, and is freely giving away all of these scenes in order to entice people to go see it in theaters, for it often goes that movies with really good marketing and trailers are often bad films, with the studio pushing the marketing of the project solely because it knows once word gets out on the quality of the film, they will lose the rest of their audience.

Here’s hoping ‘Pixels’ still have a few tricks up its sleeve, and we might see a return to glory for both Adam Sandler and director Chris Columbus.

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