As the old saying goes, the clothes make the man. In a world of superheroes, it certainly rings true. At least, in the literal sense because you can differentiate them from your average pedestrian when they’re suited up. But over the course of time, a hero’s uniform may evolve. That person may need to be ready for specific threats, so an upgrade to their equipment might be an order. And that’s exactly why we’ll be seeing some costume changes in ‘Captain America: Civil War’. (Well, that and because Marvel needs to sell toys.)

JoBlo has the run down of new costumes for a number of heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe when they return to the big screen alongside the Star-Spangled Avenger to kick off Phase Three. First, we have a few smaller changes to a couple of characters that we’re pretty well acquainted with at this point. For starters, Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye will apparently shift from his Ultimate attire to his 616 outfit thanks to the addition of more purple to his uniform and a full right sleeve. Then, Don Cheadle’s War Machine will get a “serious armory upgrade” when his new armor resembles a tank with a detachable cannon/warhammer dual weapon.

Ant-Man is the next in line for some new gear. When he appears in the Russo brothers’ next Marvel Studios production, he’ll ditch the 1960s suit worn by Hank Pym in favor of “a more modern/techno stylish costume” that will allow him to take on his Giant Man form when he takes on Tony Stark and his team.

The next Avenger adding to his arsenal is Falcon. We got a glimpse at his new uniform at the end of ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron,’ but the next time that we see him he’ll already have some new tech. For instance, he’ll be fitted with wrist lasers and grappling hooks, although the coolest new addition will be Redwing. Unlike the comic version seen here, Sam Wilson’s trusty companion won’t be a bird that he’s telepathically linked with. Instead, Redwing will be a robotic drone that will “perch” on a gauntlet on his wrist. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a Stark invention that utilized a similar user interface to the Iron Man armor.

Up until now, we’ve heard about inhabitants of the MCU that we will have already met by the time ‘Civil War’ rolls around. But now there’s some information about Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther, who will make his debut in this film. The report indicates that T’Challa will be on his own mission that may or may not involve the Winter Soldier for most of the film, but in the beginning, he’ll side with Iron Man, which will lead between a scuffle between Cap and the Panther. That’s when we’ll learn that T’Challa’s costume will be “shrouded in Vibranium” (the chief resource of his homeland of Wakanda and the material that Captain America’s shield is made from) when his claws easily scratch up Cap’s iconic shield.

Finally, since the titular character of the film surely wouldn’t be left out, Cap will be seen sporting his trademark chainmail armor on his suit. No word on the wings on his helmet yet, but surely long-time comic fans can do without those.

Naturally, take this news with a grain of salt until we get our official first look at all these characters, but judging by set photos of Anthony Mackie, these things said about his Falcon gear match up. So whether you believe all this or not, let’s hear what you think about the various alternate attires that we’ll be seeing in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ next year in the comments below.

‘Captain America: Civil War’ opens in theaters on May 6, 2016.