While Deadpool may have died prior to the events of ‘Secret Wars,’ it seems that he is set to return later this year in ‘Deadpool & Cable: Split Second.’ Resuming the best bromance of all time, we will see Deadpool and Cable once again sharing ink in a six-issue miniseries that is set to be released digitally in October with a print run of the books scheduled to drop in December. I’m sure that no one is surprised that the company would bring back one of their most notable characters with how much death is just a revolving door to the heroes and villains in the Marvel universe.

The best news for older fans of Deadpool is that ‘Deadpool & Cable: Split Second’ will be co-written by Fabian Nicieza and Reilly Brown. It isn’t just a reunion of Deadpool and Cable though as Nicieza is one of Deadpool’s original co-creators having written ‘The New Mutants’ #98 where the Merc with the Mouth was originally unleashed upon an unsuspecting public. Fast forward to 2004 and we saw Nicieza originally team up with Brown on the first ‘Cable & Deadpool’ series which is a staple for how the pair evolved for years.

According to Nicieza it isn’t just about violence though as:

“It is about struggling through a life of regret and struggling through the soulful tug of conscience that nags at us as a species, tasking us to ask of ourselves, ‘Is this all I am? Is this all I can be? Do I have the courage to be more?’ If we fail to answer those questions for each and every one of our readers, then we will have failed in our assignment.”

Of course if you are at all worried about the two growing as characters Brown also mentioned that:

“Also. Deadpool shoots a lot of guys. Don’t forget that part!”

I’m sure there was no doubt in any of our minds that would happen but it’s good to have some reassurances.

This is one of many Deadpool titles lined up as we can expect him in a ‘Color Your Own Deadpool’ book as well as ‘Deadpool vs Thanos’ which are both scheduled to be released over the next year.

Are you looking forward to these two pairing up for the first time since the events of ‘Deadpool vs X-Force‘? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter