While fans were forced to spend a good amount of Season 3 of ‘Arrow‘ mourning the loss of the original Black Canary, Sara Lance, it seems the showrunners themselves felt there was more they could still do with the character. So when ‘Legends of Tomorrow‘ was announced, with Caity Lotz included in the cast, most assumed that she would somehow be finding her way back from the dead, though many (including yours truly) thought she might be saved through some time-travel magic, instead of through something already introduced on the show.

When Thea Queen was left for dead after an attack by Ras Al Gul toward the end of the season, Oliver finally offered his life to the League in exchange for the use of the Lazarus Pit to save his sister’s life. He was warned that the Pit changes a person, with side-affects that cannot be anticipated, but fortunately for Thea, we did not really see too many changes in her, aside from her crazy exit from the pit where she leapt onto Oliver and tried to kill him. And then in the trailer for ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ we saw Sara Lance rise from the Lazarus Pit, and it finally made sense how she was going to come back from the dead (and I honestly can’t believe I didn’t guess that before). I’m betting Merlyn, since he nows controls the League and the Pits, retrieved Sara’s body and brought her back to life to atone for the murder he forced Thea to do, so Arrow’s team would stop holding a grudge against him. Unfortunately, Sara had been dead for a long time, and as actress Caity Lotz puts it:

“It’s going to have a toll. Just like Thea went into the Lazarus Pit and you saw how that affected her, and Sara’s dead for a long time. So I feel like there’s going to be a big shift.”

So when she returns as the White Canary, I’m guessing she’ll have a little more edge, and potentially a bigger dark side than before. I’m sure it won’t affect her fighting prowess, and she is definitely still one of the good guys, but I’m wondering how much her Pit changes will play into the overall arc of ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ and if we’ll see her return to Starling City during ‘Arrow’ Season 4 to see her family.

Source: Cinemablend