The Outlaw Prince is based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs story The Outlaw of Torn. Rob Hughes adapted the script for the comic using the previous story as a foundation. The story follows Richard, the Lost Prince of England. He wasn’t really lost though; he was kidnapped by a malicious French fencing master. The swordsmen was insulted by the King and decided to seek revenge by kidnapping the Prince and turning him against all things English. He cultivates hatred and teaches the boy to become an undefeatable swordsman.

It is a classic story of vengeance woven against a lush, medieval backdrop. I have not read The Outlaw of Torn, but as I read the graphic novel I can see the influence of Burroughs’ writing style. The story is full of action, but it is also spills over with emotion. The hatred and anger practically leap off the page. The art by Thomas Yeates emphasizes every note of fear and happiness. The style reminds me of the Prince Valiant comics I used to read in the Sunday paper. The transformation of the Prince into an unknowing pawn of Jules de Vac is slow and entirely believable. That’s also my only dislike about this story. It’s mostly exposition. Just as the plot moves forward, the book ends. Still, if you are a fan of swords and knights or Edgar Rice Burroughs, I think you’ll enjoy this tale.