To start, let me assure you hardcore ‘Fantastic Four’ fans out there that you need not worry, Fox is only pulling the digital copies of ‘Fantastic Four’ and ‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer,’ so if you still need your fix of the awfulness that was those films, you can still order the DVD from Netflix, buy the DVD from Amazon, or just tune into AMC this weekend.

Otherwise, for anyone hoping to digitally download these films from iTunes or Amazon, you are out of luck. In anticipation of the new ‘Fantastic Four‘ film hitting theaters this summer, Fox has pulled the digital copies from those outlets, with the idea that the new film should shine on its own, without people comparing it to the sub-par originals. And in all honesty, the move makes a certain amount of sense. If some newbie to the franchise goes looking for background on ‘Fantastic Four’ and comes across earlier versions of the film, and dives in seeing the Marvel name attached, he might be in for a severe disappointment. Severe enough for him to think twice before giving the franchise yet another shot this summer in theaters, especially after all the rumors associated with the production.

Unfortunately for 20th Century Fox, the damage is already done. The original films are out there, people know they sucked, and anyone who’s even a casual fan of the “Fantastic Four’ and knows anything about its new release is already skeptical about the work done by Josh Trank, especially after seeing the strange choices made for the reboot, including early character designs for Dr. Doom that seem to really diminish the character.

So what are your thoughts about Fox trying to censor the franchise past? Does it matter? Or is it more studio maneuvering to cover up past mistakes and try to trick new audience members into having faith in the current film? Let us know your thoughts below!