Are you itching to play a new ‘Star Wars’ game but ‘Battlefront’ and ‘Disney Infinity’ don’t sound like your thing? Then you are in luck: ‘Star Wars: Uprising’, a mobile game developed by Kabam with collaboration from Disney and Lucasfilm, has just been announced and will be out in the coming months.

The game will take place between ‘Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi’ and ‘The Force Awakens’, featuring a world where, according to, “Darth Vader is no more, the Emperor is dead, and the galaxy is forever changed”.

Daniel Erickson, the Senior Director of Design at Kabam, told IGN that ‘Uprising’s’ story was created with Lucusfilm to keep the story consistent and within canon to not just ‘The Force Awakens’ but the ‘Aftermath’ novels as well.

IGN gives a full story synopsis in their article, but to summarize, when the death of Emperor Palpatine reaches the Anoat sector (where Cloud City, Burnin Konn, and Hoth reside) Imperial Governor Adelhard locks the sector into a blockade and kills anyone spreading the ‘rumors’ of the Emperor’s demise. In order to maintain the Empire’s fabricated strength and prevent chaos, Adelhard sends out Commander Bragh, a man who looks similar to Darth Vader but appears to be much more sinister and sadistic than the recently deceased Sith Lord. With the Rebel presence weak, Erickson says that “the smuggler groups, the local assassin groups, the different crime cartels, and the former nobles of the sector have all banded together to form this very unlikely uprising – a rebel group of their own.”

Other characters include: Brask, a Trandoshan who appears to be a pilot, Deathstick, an assassin who keeps her face covered by cloak, cloth, and shadows, and Riley, an orphan with a leg in a cybernetic brace who must use her wits over her strength to survive.

The ‘Uprising’ website promises real-time co-op, deep character customization, and the chance to ‘Shape the Future of the Universe’. It appears you can play as a Bounty Hunter, Smuggler, Rebel Guerilla, Gambler, or Diplomat, and choose between three factions: the Rebel Alliance, the Nobles, and the Trade Spine League.

There is no release date at this time, but those who pre-register can vote on what content they’d like to see in the game and get exclusive items at launch, such as a stormtrooper helmet. Beta testing will also be announced within the coming weeks.

Also check out ‘Uprising’s’ announcement trailer, which gives a brief overview of the game’s graphics, story, and themes: