Sony will be launching PlayStation TV in October with a library of nearly 700 games.

Originally announced at Sony’s press conference during E3 2014, the new Sony device is a tiny box that allows users to play games and stream video whether or not they have a PS3 or even a PS4. It can play digital and physical PS Vita games along with classic PS One, PS2 and PSP titles. Through means of Sony’s remote play functionality, the PS TV can also be used to stream PS4 games from one PS4 console at home onto a separate TV that the PS TV is connected to.

The PS TV will support Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Now streaming service which will allow users to use it to stream PS3 games via the internet onto the device as well. Unfortunately, having only recently been in open beta for the PS3, Sony has not announced exactly when PlayStation Now support will begin.

Sony has stated that PS TV will have nearly 700 games on day one. So far, the device already has a wide variety of games coming to it with titles such as ‘Rayman Origins,’ ‘Spelunky,’ ‘Metal Gear Solid,’ ‘Final Fantasy X/X-2,’ ‘Dragons Crown,’ ‘Patapon’ and ‘Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kindgom.’ According to Sony’s PlayStation Blog, the PS TV lineup will “continue to expand” with more titles including ‘Minecraft.’

PS TV will be $99.99 for the system alone while a bundle that includes a copy of ‘The LEGO Movie Video Game,’ an 8 GB memory card and a PS3 wireless DUALSHOCK controller will run for $139.99. Sony has also announced that a limited edition bundle of PS TV will be available exclusively through Walmart as well. It will include everything apart of the PS TV bundle set but with ‘Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time’ instead of ‘The Lego Movie Video Game.’ This bundle will also sell for $139.99.

PS TV and its respective bundles will be releasing on October 14.

Source: PlayStation Blog