The people at Starz must get some great delight in tormenting ‘Evil Dead’ fans as they have just released a teaser that just dangles how awesome this series can be.

Fans have been chomping at the bit for any footage from the upcoming ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ and while this teaser does ring in the nostalgia of the ol’ chainsaw, we don’t get much of who we really want to see, and that’s Bruce Campbell. We do, however, get to hear him announce “Ash is back, baby!”

‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ serves as a sequel to ‘Army of Darkness’ and takes place 30 years after the events in that film. Here’s the synopsis of the series from Starz:

Campbell will be reprising his role as Ash, the stock boy, aging lothario and chainsaw-handed monster hunter who has spent the last 30 years avoiding responsibility, maturity and the terrors of the Evil Dead.  When a Deadite plague threatens to destroy all of mankind, Ash is finally forced to face his demons –personal and literal.  Destiny, it turns out, has no plans to release the unlikely hero from its “Evil” grip.

Also starring are Lucy Lawless (‘Salem,’ ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’) as Ruby a mysterious figure who believes Ash is the cause of the Evil outbreaks, Ray Santiago (‘Touch,’ ‘In Time’) as Pablo Simon Bolivar, an idealistic immigrant who becomes Ash’s loyal sidekick, Dana DeLorenzo (‘A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas’) as Kelly Maxwell, a moody wild child trying to outrun her past and Jill Marie Jones (‘Sleepy Hollow’) as Amanda Fisher, a disgraced Michigan State Trooper set to find our anti-hero Ash and prove his responsibility in the grisly murder of her partner.

The show is currently in production in New Zealand with Sam Raimi directing the first episode that he wrote with Ivan Raimi and Tom Spezialy. With the series set to premiere in the Fall, it is a sure bet we’ll be seeing more videos and images to come. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long before we see Campbell appear!