‘Jurassic World’ is stomping closer and closer to its June 12th release date.  The high-profile reboot of Steven Spielberg’s groundbreaking film of the 90s (and its less inspired sequels) has cast a possible coup, affable comic actor Chris Pratt, whose star is steadily rising following his leading role in one of 2014’s hottest movies, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’  Because the film is set to roll out, the cast is hitting the promotional circuit to promote it.  But perhaps learning from his fellow Marvel heroes, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo etc., who managed to let slip a few soundbites they went on to regret (namely making misogynist comments about co-star Scarlett Johansson and her character Black Widow), Pratt has gone on the offensive and issued his own apology… before his press junket has even begun!

First, on his Facebook page, Pratt made the following sincere statement– albeit one that retains his natural flair for the comedic– endorsing the movie:

This statement alone is quite entertaining and would have been fine on its own, but as stated, if the Avengers can manage to shove their booted feet in their mouths, it can happen to anybody and Pratt, still something of a newbie when it comes to action movies, wasn’t taking any chances and released this statement as well:

All he has to do is insert whatever dumb comment he makes in upcoming interviews and he’s good to go.  But hopefully if he makes a faux pas, it is just that, one.  Otherwise, these apologies will get repetitious and ring of insincerity.  Not that a prewritten apology before even conducting one interview is all that sincere to begin with.

What do you think?  Is this a good practice, just in case?

To whet your appetite for ‘Jurassic World’, here are two new TV spots:

‘Jurassic World’ directed by Colin Tevorrow hits US theaters on June 12th, 2015.