With all quiet on the Imperial front today we’ve been delivered not only what is rumored to be a slew of pieces of concept art from ‘Star Wars: Episode VII‘ but also descriptions from a large separate set of concept art pictures from the film. This is probably going to be quite spoiler filled as we share with you a bit about characters and also some of the images clearly give away what have to be plot points if they aren’t just really amazingly well done fan art. I have a sense that these won’t be allowed to be online for too long and that will give you the answer.

For the time being though, we’ll let you be the judge on that.

So first up I’m going to share the concept art that we can actually check out. Aside from the first few shots, much of this doesn’t actually fall into the range of spoilers that the descriptions of the other set of art does. Obviously I want to start off with a bang though so we’ll get the biggest couple potential spoiler images out of the way first as we see a grave robber and the head of at least helmet of Darth Vader!

Holy crap! That isn’t all that this grave robber is into though as in the next shot we see him (or her) with who appears to be Daisy Ridley!

Speaking of Daisy Ridley, let’s see some more of her character shall we?

Of course it isn’t just characters that make ‘Star Wars’ so amazing, let’s check out some of the vehicles too and start off with a couple concept shots of Tie Fighters. I have a feeling one of these two aren’t considered to be serviceable anymore, even with the Imperials no longer controlling the galaxy and probably on limited funds these days.

Are we back on Luke’s home world? Here’s a Pod Junker and Land Speeder

More fun in this sand covered world as we check out a Pod Falcon and a Pod Bike!

Wait a sec, how about a Falcon that fans of the series are a little more familiar with?

Looks like that Tie Fighter above isn’t the only Imperial weapon that is having a bad day as we have 2 shots of a pretty decimated AT-AT

Speaking of the Imperials, how about a cybernetic Knight Trooper?

Maybe a Wampa Saber for doing battle with?

How about what we can expect the Greenham Hangar Set and Massassi Temple to look like?

Oh, you didn’t actually think that we were done with Darth Vader quite yet did you?

How about a little bit of Chewy to lighten the mood, wait, whats that on his hand?!

Okay let’s bring back Daisy Ridley’s character again. Only this time let’s add a little lightsaber action and have her fighting against, could that be Boyega’s character?

A couple more set ones but in that second one are they trying to show a Star Destroyer having actually crashed into a planet or just really close and at a strange angle? I can’t tell but I would think if it crashed the damage would be quite a bit more severe.

Here are a couple images of Montross which was an unused character from 1976 that I wonder if he is being shown off to be included in the upcoming films somehow?

Finally we’re closing with 4 set plans for the Millenium Falcon!

But wait, there’s more! Well, not more images. I did say above before that slew of them that we also had full on descriptions from a different set of concept art that really is spoiler filled. If you haven’t had enough given away or hinted at so far here is where the real meat is.

First up we have a description of six characters, three women and three men from the film:

The first fighter is male, early twenties, he has Adam Driver’s haircut, longer, and kind of swooped to the side. Dark hair. He wears a mustard tunic, closed, with a black best. He has dark brown pants. He wears boots but the ankles are wrapped in white like Anakin Skywalker’s in The Phantom Menace. He looks directly at the camera, blaster in hand and at his side.

The second is a woman with red hair. She has her bangs cut straight across and her hair is as long as tunic’s collar. Her hands are on his hips. She has a holster but no gun. Her tunic has a high collar and is a very dark brown, almost reddish. The tunic is not unlike an Imperials tunic, but make no mistake, these aren’t imperials. Her pants are tan, legs wrapped in dark wrappings with black boots. I can see how someone might have seen this painting and decided the singer from Florence And The Machine was in the in film.

The third guy in the middle has thick curly hair, parted to the side. His hair is longer. He looks like Oscar Issac playing the bounty hunter from Critters. I know I just lost most of you with that one, but that’s what he looks like. His tunic is similar to the same dark green as Grand Moff Tarkin’s in A New Hope. His pants also match his shirt and his pants are tucked into his dark brown boots. He has a huge gun. It looks like a machine gun and he has a black strap slung over his shoulder to help him manage the oversize weapon.

The fourth fighter is a woman. Her head is covered by a dark brown scarf covering ears and most of her forehead. She reminds me of a doctor but I have no reason to say she is one. Her tunic is a little more Jedi-like (she’s not a Jedi). It is dark and dingy but her undershirt is high collared, long sleeved and white. The tunic cuts down like a V at the neck with a belt bisecting it. The tunic goes to just below her hips. Her pants are dark and her wraps around her ankles match her white undershirt, but they’re dirty and her boots are black. Unlike the first three fighters, she looks off to the side and not at the camera itself.

The fifth fighter reminds me of Daisy Ridley a bit. But once again, I have serious doubts it is supposed to be her. She stands looking off camera, her left shoulder pointed towards the camera. She wears a simple long sleeved brown shirt, black pants, brown wraps at the ankles, and boots. She doesn’t appear to have a weapon on her. Her hair might be the same as the red haired woman but I can’t be totally sure, but if it is, it certainly rules out the possibility she’s Daisy Ridley’s “Kira.”

The sixth and final fighter is a male. He looks like he belongs in Duran Duran’s “Wild Boys” video with a new wave hair cut swooped to the side, covering his left eye and sort of longer in the back. His tunic is red. It has an opening so the belt can go into the sides of the tunic but the belt is not showing in the front. His hair is very emo. He has a blaster in his hand similar to the ones the old Kenner figures had like the TIE pilot. His pants are dark and his leg wraps are a dingy dark green with black boots.

Next is a description of one of the villains of the film:

The helmet looks like a samurai helmet. If you took Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and removed all the ornate additions from the helmet, you could have something similar. The back is kind of like Vader’s helmet but it is short, it just protects the back of the head, leaving the neck exposed. The face is covered. But you can see the eyes. This costume is Darth Vader if he were a ninja. Where the eye holes are, there is some light colored design. It has a good vibe about it. It reminds me of Shredder, a little bit of someone from Cobra in the old G.I. Joe and he has a black flowing cloak and red lightsaber which makes it look very cool.

How about one of the aliens from the film?

The concept art shows creatures with purple bodies, almost like chicken bodies with no feathers, no legs or wings, long necks and snouts. The second box to the top has a creature very close to a frog dog. In the concept art it is more ready to attack than it is in the video we’ve seen, with its arms set to obscure the puppeteer’s head. The next to bottom box has the same space birds we see in the video above. However, the bottom of the cage contains a space rat! It even has a mechanism designed to make the rat’s tail wag when he walks.

Why just talk about one alien though when we can include another?

He wears a dirty brown poncho. His boots are sort of like a Tusken Raider’s boots. His pants are tied off. He has a bandolier with bullets and pouches strung across his chest. He has a sniper riffle weapon with a scope on it. At the end of the rifle, the barrel is almost rocket shaped. It clearly isn’t a rocket though. At his waste a leather pouch rest covering his belt line.

We saw a couple of Tie Fighters above though I assume we have yet to see a Special Forces Tie Fighter like the one described below:

The new Special Forces TIE Fighter is very much the same classic TIE Fighter from the front. But it is black. It isn’t a dull black either, it kind of a shiny black on the body, closer to Darth Vader’s shine than the classic dark TIE Fighter dull black paint. The wings are exactly the same as the TIE wings we’ve seen in the past. The distinguishing feature on these new TIEs is the red markings near the glass cockpit. It is painted red. If the front of the TIE was a clock, two, three, and four o’clock are red on the right. On the left, eight, nine, and ten o’clock are red in that area. The same goes for the back of the fighter.

Finally is a brief single look that appears to be some sort of a forest battle.

In one piece of concept art we see the trees high into the air. To the far right of the frame, two speeder bikes race for their lives! They’re being chased by two of the tentacled beasts. The bodies of the monsters are shaped like peanuts, we can only see the silhouette of these monsters under the tree cover. They have long tentacles, six in total, three on each side of its body and it use those tentacles to transverse the tree tops chasing down the speeder bikers. The bikers are racing side by side practically, but the beasts are also chasing them side by side and it doesn’t look very good for the biker closest to us in the frame. It seems he’ll likely be killed in a matter of moments.

What do you think of the latest images and descriptions from ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’? Do you think these are just rumors and fan art or the real deal? Share your thoughts below!

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