Things are picking up for the James Gunn (‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘,’Slither’) and his horror film ‘The Belko Experiment’ as Tony Goldwyn (‘Divergent‘,’Scandal’) and Melonie Diaz (‘Fruitvale Station’,’Be Kind Rewind’) have just joined the cast! While not much of the casting has been announced yet, we do know that the pair will be joining John Gallagher Jr.(‘The Newsroom’,’Jonah Hex’) in this picture which is being helmed by Greg McLean (‘Wolf Creek’,’Rogue’). Honestly McLean has a great track record with horror even though he hasn’t done that many films so I’m very curious as to what he’ll be putting together for us in conjunction with Gunn’s guiding hand.

Gunn describes ‘The Belko Experiment’ as “an action-horror-thriller” though stresses that for McLean and he both agree that the movie is primarily a character driven piece so are striving to get the perfect actors for each of the roles. In the movie “Tony will play Barry Norris. Norris is a guy who is used to being in charge at the Belko Building in South America, so it isn’t easy for him to start taking orders when the office employees are mysteriously forced to either start killing each other or be killed.”

Diaz will be playing Dany who “is the new girl at Belko. It’s her first day working in the building, and she really couldn’t have chosen a worst first day, since this is the day the employees are all forced to either kill each other or be killed.”

It looks as if the casting is complete at this time and only being announced as filming will begin this June in Bogota, Colombia.

While this is all of the casting details that we have for now Gunn did say that he’ll be making another announcement tomorrow! I’m excited to see Gunn returning to horror and while I’m sure it’ll be a darker film hope that it retains his signature humor as well.

Are you looking forward to ‘The Belko Experiment’? Are you a fan of Gunn’s work and think that we’re in for something fun? Share your thoughts below!

Source: James Gunn’s Facebook