Toby Whithouse created the original five season run of ‘Being Human‘ for BBC which was later remade as a four season run on Syfy but even with fan interest he says to not expect a revival anytime soon.

While I personally would love to see more of the show be created, I can fully respect his reasons on why there isn’t a way to push forward with it at this time. In a recent interview with BBC Writersroom, Whithouse said that unless he can come up with a “stunning” way to bring the series back, no one should really get their hopes up on seeing more of this supernatural BBC Three series:

“We all know shows that have outstayed their welcome, or been cynically resurrected. No-one would thank me – least of all the Being Human fans – if I went back with anything other than a stunning and revolutionary idea. Anything less would demean the show. And I haven’t had that idea.”

This is probably all too true as if it wasn’t a continuation, there would be a public outcry at yet another remake being put on the big or small screen. I wouldn’t really expect an idea to pop in anyway as he had just finished a two-part ‘Doctor Who’ episode and his spy thriller ‘The Game’ is still an ongoing series, so a new shot at a full continuation or reboot are probably the last thing on his mind.

For those that didn’t follow ‘Being Human,’ the show revolved around 3 roommates, a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost, that were all trying to find a way to not only live together but pass as having normal human lives. Sick of the paranormal world, they decided something different was needed to be done.

Are you happy to hear that Whithouse would rather have quality over quantity? Do you have any ideas on how the series could find a way to continue on? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Digital Spy