It looks like director Joseph White is all set to tackle the novel to film adaptation of Jonathan Trigell’s ‘Genus.’ White is rather new in the director’s chair having only taken on the shorts ‘The Brain Hack’ and ‘Turn,’ but he was involved with the visual effects for ‘Skyfall’ so working on a feature length film won’t be new to him. The script is being tackled by Mike Carey who has done a lot of graphic novel work in the past and recently his zombie thriller starring Glenn Close titled ‘She Who Brings Gifts’ was picked up by Warner Brothers. ‘Genus’ is being done for production and finance outfit Catalyst Global Media.

The film sounds slightly similar to 1997’s ‘Gattaca‘ in that genetic selection and physical perfection are pretty normal and can be purchased prior to birth. On top of that those who can’t improve upon themselves have become a lower class. Still sound familiar? Well things switch up a little here.

However this is where we get a new take as we see murders start piling up in The Kross where this underclass lives. Not quite the same as ‘Gattaca’ going forward and at this point tension mounts between the classes and the detective in charge of the investigation finds that a larger conspiracy is at play.

According to Catalyst CEO Charlotte Walls:

Genus’ is a fascinating proposition from novelist Jonathan Trigell who presents us with a piece of science fiction that is relevant and frighteningly possible. Mike Carey was our number one choice for this adaptation and we are thrilled to be announcing the talented and visionary director Joe White at the helm. Tonally and stylistically we see Genus as ‘Gattaca’ meets ‘Looper’ wrapped up in a detective thriller akin to ‘Se7en’ and we know that Joe’s wide-ranging talents can make this a reality.

Sounds like we’re going to be in for a thriller set in a world quite similar to ‘Gattaca’ and as that is one of my favorite science fiction films, I am quite eager to see how this plays out. With advanced genetic manipulation seemingly right around the corner this seems to be a part of science fiction that I see becoming more prominent in the not too distant future.

What are your thoughts on the initial plot for ‘Genus’? Are you excited for this crime thriller set in a not too distant future? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Coming Soon.