It’s hard to even pick up a Marvel comic book these days without running into the fan favorite mercenary Deadpool! Spun out of the early 90’s when everything was all “swords and guns and pouches everywhere,” the smart mouthed assassin Deadpool is easily one of Marvel’s biggest characters and it isn’t hard to see why! Next year, Fox Studios is looking to capitalize on Deadpool’s success by giving him his very own live action movie starring Ryan Reynolds. Many people will remember that Reynold’s briefly appeared as the character in the much maligned ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine,’ but many people felt that the character didn’t get his fair shake, so now we’re getting a new take on the character that is set to be much truer to the comics. At the end of the day, Deadpool wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for legendary comic book writer and artist Rob Liefeld!

Rob Liefeld has been working in the comic book industry for over two decades, and has worked for almost every major publisher at one point or another during his career as a comic book writer and artist. Aside from Deadpool, Rob Liefeld has created countless other legendary comic book characters and teams like Cable, X-Force, and Youngblood! Liefeld is also known for being one of the founders of Image Comics (although he is no longer with the company), which is still one of the biggest publishers in the comics industry today.

Recently at Wizard World Philadelphia 2015, we were able to talk to Rob Liefeld about his twenty-plus years working in the comic books industry, find out what it’s like to have created such an iconic character, and get the inside scoop on how he feels about the upcoming ‘Deadpool’ live action film! Rob also talks a bit about his latest project, ’The Covenant’! Check out the full interview below!

Rob Liefeld is currently working on ‘The Covenant’, ‘Brigade’, and ‘Bloodstrike’ for Image Comics! Check out your local comic shop to see his work!