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The third season of Fox’s ‘Sleepy Hollow‘ is off to a rocky start as Orlando Jones has departed from the series.

Jones has been with the show since the 2013 premiere and has not only been a fan favorite as Captain Frank Irving but tends to do some hilarious live-tweeting of the series for those who follow his Twitter feed.

I strongly suspect those tweets are about to come to an end going forward. At this time, there is no word if they will be giving him a proper send off when the show returns or if he will return for one last episode.

As Irving, we’ve always seen Jones not only give our two witnesses leeway in their work, but also a helping hand and a bit of secrecy from both the department as well as the media. It isn’t every day you can just battle evil without the public realizing someone is going around committing some bizarre murders even if it is to help save them all. Things could have quite easily turned into an actual witch hunt if even a fraction of what they were doing was not only released to the public but could be verified with facts.

All of that being said, Jones isn’t the only person who doesn’t appear to be happy with the series as showrunner Mark Goffman had already left and will be replaced by Clifton Campbell and Katia Winter who plays Katrina has clearly not been happy with the series and was quite clearly setup to be easily written off for good after the last season’s finale.

While ratings in the second season haven’t been nearly as high as the first season, Fox says that “Sleepy Hollow is truly inventive television” and the third season will be exploring ” how the partnership between Crane and Mills will evolve and what challenges these two witnesses will now face”.

I’m sure many fans of the show will be happy to hear that Crane and Mills will once again be the focus.

Source: E! Online