We found out a couple of months ago that Marvel was giving us an all-female Avengers team known as ‘A-Force‘ and now there are some fresh details we can share with you!

Team wise, it was previously announced that the A-Force would be made up of She-Hulk, Dazzler, Nico Minoru, Medusa, Singularity, as well as others. How will these vastly strong women play together? I suspect not too well.

According to series co-writer G. Willow Wilson, “She-Hulk, Dazzler, Medusa, Nico Minoru, newcomer Singularity, and other fan favorites, will take charge. We’ve purposefully assembled a team composed of different characters from disparate parts of the Marvel U, with very different power sets, identities and ideologies.” So not only will they butt head from being used to being in charge or alone, but also from having different values or ways of being superheroes.

Wilson will be working on the title with Marguerite Bennett as well as Jorge Molina so not only are we going to have rock solid writing team but the art will be amazing as well.

The team will be in a corner of Battleworld called Arcadia which is set to be an island nation which Wilson described as a “feminist paradise”. When an old enemy rises up against them, a new team of Avengers is called to stand tall and save their world to defeat it. Marvel, of course, is still being vague on who or what this threat they have to team up against is. Will it be an alien? A force of males in a women dominant world? Or will this be some of the many female villains out there?

First let’s take a look at the variant covers that will be available for the book on its release:

Next up, how about a few shots from within the book itself? With all of these Battleworld comics being from alternate universes, I’m wondering if this Nico has gone through the same trials and tribulations as the one from the 616 universe.

Love the shark attack though still no real clue as to what direction this book might end up taking. However, there is quite an impressive look to the book and the characters involved so far completely have my interest. Most of those being shown, though, off aren’t the ones that were stated to be on the roster itself.

Are you looking forward to the premiere of ‘A-Force’? Who else would you like to see on the team? Share your thoughts below True Believers!