It looks as if Showtime has been enjoying their run on ‘Penny Dreadful‘ as we’ll be getting a third season of the series! You know a network feels that a show is doing well when the announcement of a new season drops before the current season finale has even aired. At this time there isn’t much information on what we’ll see plot wise when the series returns in 2016. What we do know is that the third season will be a nine-episode run.

Yes folks, that is going to make it one episode shorter than the current season.

Chances are we won’t be seeing much of the rest of the world either as the cast is set to begin filming in Dublin, Ireland where we’ve seen the show filmed so far which means we’ll likely still be in the same setting.

With Showtime about to launch their own streaming service, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they want to keep churning out original content going forward. The ratings have been a little inconsistent this season and this last Sunday marked the seventh episode and was the lowest rated of the series so far. If viewership continues to be down, the third season could quite likely be the last.

I’m curious as to if we’ll see another character be the focus of next season or if we’ll have a straight continuation of the events stemming from Madame Kali’s cult and their obsession with Ives. I do hope that they have a way to fluidly lead into the next story arc as they had such a great plot motivator for the current season. I suppose we’ll see with how they end things on the July 5th season finale.

Are you looking forward to a third season of ‘Penny Dreadful’? What classic Victorian era character would you like to see added to the cast if they did end up expanding it? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend