On April 23rd Nintendo will be releasing DLC for their highly popular Wii-U game ‘Mario Kart 8’ – a price-tagged Animal Crossing Pack that comes with all sorts of new content, and a free update that adds a 200cc feature, making it the fastest ‘Mario Kart’ to date.

The Animal Crossing Pack comes with new characters, tracks, and vehicles; many of the features are, as to be expected, based on the Nintendo franchise ‘Animal Crossing’, but it’s definitely not exclusively based on the series. Here’s what you’ll get in this pack:

  • Three New Characters: Villager (Boy or Girl), Isabelle, and Dry Bowser
  • Two New Cups, Totaling 8 Tracks: Crossing Cup (Baby Park (GameCube), Cheese Land (GBA), Wild Woods (New), Animal Crossing (New)) and Bell Cup (Koopa City (3DS), Ribbon Road (GBA), Super Bell Subway (New), Big Blue (New))
  • 4 New Vehicles, 2 Bikes (Bone Rattler and City Tripper) and 2 Karts (Streetle and P-Wing)

The pack costs $7.99, but if you also want the Zelda pack you can get it as a bundle for $11.99, and as a bonus the bundle comes with 8 different colors for Yoshi and Shy Guy (you can buy it now and immediately download the Zelda pack, and the Animal Crossing Pack will be available to you on the 23rd). If you’d like to find out more you can check out their DLC page here.

If you aren’t interested in buying any DLC, Nintendo still has something for you: 200cc. It’s the fastest speed in any ‘Mario Kart’ game so far, and it’ll be available on the 23rd as part of a system update. However, in order to unlock it you’ll first have to get gold on all 150cc cups, so you’ll have to put some work into getting it even if it’s free. Combine the 200cc with the ‘F-Zero’ inspired track Big Blue, and you’re basically playing as Captain Falcon.

You can check out the trailer for the ‘Animal Crossing’ Pack with all of its features in action below, as well as the announcement video (and a short preview) of the 200cc feature: