Ryan Reynolds has once again taken to the internet to demonstrate exactly why he was such a brilliant choice to portray the perpetually wise cracking mercenary Deadpool. This time Reynolds, who is currently filming the character’s long delayed solo film, served up his reaction to this week’s ‘Deadpool #250,’ the much hyped issue in which the Merc With A Mouth meets his maker. As we’ve come to expect from Reynolds of late, his reaction comes in character as Deadpool, complete with the recently revealed costume. As for his response? Have a look for yourself:

As noted, Deadpool’s “death” comes in this week’s ‘Deadpool #250.’ For those who don’t want to know any more than that, consider this your warning. 


When Marvel let slip that they’d be killing off Deadpool, the natural assumption on the part of fans was that Wade would go out in a blaze of glory, presumably in one giant battle or another. And there certainly is a giant battle. The story serves to set up Deadpool’s showdown with Flag Smasher and ULTIMATUM. The twist is that Deadpool survives the climactic battle. Not only that, but he even goes on to celebrate his victory with his friends and all seems well.

When suddenly ‘Secret Wars’ happens.

That is to say, worlds collide and Deadpool is one of the countless Earthbound characters who is killed in the process. A bit anti-climactic for such a fan favorite character, isn’t it? Especially since the very nature of ‘Secret Wars’ means that fans should probably take any deaths that result from the event with a grain of salt.

‘Deadpool’ is set for release on February 12, 2016. The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Gina Carano, T. J. Miller, Ed Skrein and Morena Baccarin and will be directed by Tim Miller from a script by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.