Season 5 is coming, and things are heating up. Literally. ‘Game of Thrones‘ Season 5 looks to include a lot of scenes and characters from the desert land of Dorne, one of the 7 Kingdoms often spoken of in the series – though Dorne has not been visited up to this point. Our only introduction to the region was through the character of Oberyn Martell (The Red Viper), who came to King’s Landing last season and tragically died facing down the Mountain. The other big mention was in Season 2 when Tyrion had Myrcella Baratheon sent to Dorne as part of a politcal exchange to both piss off his sister (Queen Cersei, the girl’s mother) and ensure Dorne stayed in line.

In anticipation of the upcoming Season 5 premiere, and to prepare audiences for the new characters and locales, HBO has released a few pictures of the new characters in Dorne, starting with a shot (below) of Nell Tiger Free as the new Myrcella, who has grown up a bit (and changed actresses) since she was sent to Dorne.

Next up is a picture of Myrcella and the young Prince of Dorne Trystane, the nephew of Oberyn Martell and son of another new Season 5 character, Prince Doran. Based on the photo (below), it seems Trystane and Myrcella have developed a rapport during her time in Dorne, which I’m sure will not please Cersei when she finds out.

Last up are three photos of the Sand Snakes, who are all daughters of the late Oberyn Martell, following in his warrior footsteps, and clearly going to be out for revenge now that their father has been brutally murdered by the Mountain. The first photo is of Tyene Sand (played by Rosabell Laurenti Sellers), daughter of Oberyn and Ellaria Sand (who we also met in Season 4), and Tyene’s preferred weapon is a daggger.

Second we have Nymeria Sand (played by Jessica Henwick), the middle daughter and an expert with a whip.

Finally we have Obara Sand (played by Keisha Castle-Hughes), the eldest of the Sand Snakes, who wields a spear similar to the one her father used in battle.

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Source: Zap2It