Hey there AHS fans, it’s time your weekly recap! We open this weeks episode in 1918 in a film noir type setting. A seductive male voice rattles on while typing what seems to be a story, but quickly reveals itself to be fact. The Axeman is a lady killer (literally) as well as a psychotic jazz lover. The story he was writing was a threat to the people of New Orleans, that if they weren’t playing jazz music on a particular evening, he’d come into their homes and murder them. Touch-y.

The coven of the time decided to take action and not cower in their own homes over a glorified sax player. They rebel against his instructions, and sure enough he breaks into their dwelling, ready to split some heads. The witches gain the upper hand very quickly, and once they’ve made the initial move, the Axeman is taken down by a very vigorous stabbing. Sort of ironic that a man that loves axes is taken down by knives. Hmmm.

Back to present day, Zoe is rummaging through still missing Madison’s things. A bottle falls out of a scarf and rolls to a secret cubby in the closet that Zoe is keen to look through as well. Man this girl is nosy. Among the old relics is a ouija board (or as they refer to it, a Spirit board). Zoe suggests they use the board to try and locate Madison or at the very least, find out what happened to her. At first Nan and Queenie are reluctant, but come on board after Zoe’s lackluster pep talk, not to mention, free shots of absinthe. Sold.

They gather by candlelight and get the ball rolling with asking a series of questions, such as “Are you there, God, it’s me, Margret”. Just kidding. Basic gist of the interaction is they contact the Axeman and he’s super pissed. Queenie doesn’t want to play anymore, so they end their game and hop online to do some research.

Back at the hospital, Fiona is getting chemotherapy treatment and she’s wiggling out, but that’s understandable. She’s coming to terms that there may be nothing she can do to prevent her aging and inevitable death, so she turns to modern medicine for help. Probably the smartest thing she’s done yet. She decides that she wants to have one last great love affair and that she’s going to be there for Cordelia for as long as she can be.

Over to witch central – after surfing the web on the Axeman, the ladies discover that the coven in 1918 were the ones that destroyed him, and that he didn’t just disappear. Zoe wants to make a deal with him in exchange for information on Madison, but the other two little witches are out. Zoe contacts him anyway (she uses her very teenage sexy voice to persuade him) and says that she’ll release him if he corporates. The Axeman keeps his end of the bargain, and tells Zoe that Madison is in the attic.

Meanwhile, Cordelia, Fiona and the slimy husband, Hank return back to the school. Cordelia still is receiving visions with her “second sight” and continues to get flashes of Hank with the ‘red head’, Kaylee whom he screwed in more ways than one a few episodes ago. Cordelia is fed up and wants to remain strong as she learns how to use her new gift. After they order Hank out of the house, Cordelia touches Fiona and sees Myrtle being burned at the stake. Devastated, Cordelia orders Fiona to leave as well so she could be alone.

Quick flip back to Zoe, who finds Madison’s body in the attic, and decides to tie up Spaulding for a little good cop, bad cop time. Or maybe just bad cop. She brings in her fellow witches, as they ask questions and Nan reads his mind for the answers. He admits to killing Madison (lie) but Zoe isn’t so quick to believe him, he is after all very good at keeping secrets and this isn’t his first witchy rodeo.

Over to the land of Stevie Knicks worship, we come upon Misty, lovely as ever while we see her gardening. We also see the hand of extra crispy Myrtle as she’s completely covered in a mound of magical swamp mud, but to be patient. She’ll emerge from her mud cocoon into a beautiful butterfly soon enough. FrankenKyle also returns to her (kind of forgot about him, didn’t you?) and is in desperate need of a bath.

Misty being the kindhearted soul she is, gives him one, but it brings up the terrible memories of his molesting mother and he wigs out. He smashes things all over the shack, but Misty has her last straw when he breaks her radio. Best line ever “He broke Stevie,”. Oh Kyle, you really did it this time. Zoe arrives in the nick of time asking Misty for a favor.

From here, we find Hank on the doorstep of voodoo queen, Marie, stating that they have a problem. Its Cordelia’s second sight, and Marie needs to help him get rid of it. Its also made clear at this point, that Marie wasn’t the one that blinded Cordelia, so maybe it was Myrtle. It’s then discovered that Hank was hired by Marie as a witch hunter and that he’d been commissioned to kill all Salem descendent witches for the past nine years. In a flashback, turns out ol’ red that Hank killed was actually a witch, so her death sort of had a purpose and wasn’t just that Hanks a cheating killer at random. Marie accuses him of actually being in love with Cordelia and that’s why all of the witches haven’t been killed off quicker. She then orders him to kill every single last one of them and soon, or else it’s his ass on the line.

Over at resurrection central, Madison is on the slab as Zoe and Misty try to figure out if she’s too dead to be brought back. Misty instructs her to push on Madison’s stomach as they both try to work their magic on her. It eventually works and the decomposing Madison soon awakens, asking for a cigarette. Standard. At least she wasn’t asking for brains.

Zoe brings the whole gang back with her to the academy, and offers a bed to Misty to stay the night. When Misty declines, Zoe is confused, as Misty was looking for her tribe and figured she’d be chomping at the bit to stay. Misty says she’s still looking and gets bad vibes from the house and all of them. She says that FrankinKyle is now Zoe’s problem, and leaves.

Upstairs at the academy, Cordelia locks her bedroom door and tries as best she can to get ready for bed on her own. She’s scared into stillness when she sees a ghostly figure standing before her. It’s the Axeman.

The unaware group of tween witches are questioning a now talking Madison to see if she remembers anything about her death. Madison knows who she is, but only remembers seeing ‘red’ before she died, nothing else.

Back upstairs we have a scared sh*tless Cordelia having a nice little chat with the Axeman. I can’t help it, that mans voice is like melting butter over pancakes it’s so good. He’s come to collect what Zoe promised him, his release and he’s going to swing his axe around at Cordelia until he gets it. The girls hear the commotion and run or Cordelia’s aid, but can’t get in since the door is locked. I mean, I get that they’re still in training, but don’t you think together they could have just blown the door off with their powers together? Oh well.

As an alternative, they run downstairs to the case of magical books in search of a spell that will make the Axeman move on. Zoe uses her spidey scenes and finds the exact book and spell they’re looking for. They get the Axeman out of the house and away from Cordelia, but that may have done more damage than good.

We come to the conclusion of the episode with Fiona sitting at a bar drinking a martini alone. She starts to play with her hair and a bit of it falls out very easily due to the chemo. She’s horrified and embarrassed when all of a sudden a tall dark and handsome man appears, offering to buy her a drink. Turns out to be that smooth son of a b*tch, the Axeman, but who knows, these two lovebirds could be a match made in hell.

Tune in next week for AHS and leave your opinions about this weeks episode in the comments section below!