The 50th anniversary of ‘Star Trek’ is coming up in 2016, and it looks like William Shatner is going to be capitalizing on the celebration as much as possible. Speaking at FanExpo, Shatner talked about what he has done toward the project:

“I went to the Syfy network, which hasn’t given me their final answer, but I broached the idea that the 50th anniversary show would be about the ideas that ‘Star Trek’ dramatized.”

According to CinemaBlend, Shatner spoke about why he felt ‘Star Trek’ was important, and how it addressed social issues of the time, such as racism. In his potential hour and a half long special, he talked about wanting to tackle the many social issues ‘Star Trek’ addressed.

However, whether or not this will come to fruition seems to be mostly in the air. In fact, we have no idea what ‘Star Trek’ will do for their 50th anniversary, but one would hope it would be as spectacular as what ‘Doctor Who‘ had done, though there seems little chance of that as there are no television shows in production, and ‘Star Trek 3’ is shooting for a release date in July, a full two months before the actual 50th anniversary on September 8th.

Shatner has had experience making ‘Star Trek’ documentaries, including making the 2011 documentary, ‘The Captains’, and is a popular figure (although not with a fair share of controversy) with the fans.

We’ll keep you up to date on any news of this as it becomes more available.

You can hear his words here: