We’ve all seen Jesse L. Martin, Carlos Valdes and Rick Cosnett take down metahumans on ‘The Flash.’ However, here’s an opportunity to see a softer side of this trio as they harmonize a beautiful rendition of the theme song, “Ballad of Serenity” from the television series ‘Firefly.

This certainly begs the question, will there ever be a musical episode of ‘The Flash’?

Martin, Valdes and Cosnett made the video as a thank you to ‘Firefly’ creator Joss Whedon who recently donated to their Kickstarter campaign for a short film they’re producing. Titled ‘The Letter Carrier,’ this short is about a family hiding in the Blue Ridge Mountains during the 1860’s to avoid being sold into slavery. The story is told through original songs written by Martin that were composed and arranged by Martin and Valdes. Martin also penned the screenplay and will codirect and coproduce with Cosnett.

Check out the video:

‘The Letter Carrier’ team did reach their goal on Kickstarter, but they are still seeking extra funds to pay their cast and crew if you’re interested in donating. You can check out ‘The Letter Carrier’ Kickstarter page here.

Source: EW