For a film as shrouded in secrecy as ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ the rumors and even potential spoilers certainly seem to be coming fast and furious of late. First, we heard what could be an early reveal of the reason the titular heroes come into conflict, and now we have what could a hint to Aquaman’s fate.
Umberto Gonzalez of ‘Latino-Review’ posted a comic book panel of Amanda Waller to his Instagram account along with this spoilery caption:

If this rumor is true, then it’s certainly a big one! It almost goes without saying that the very idea of Waller having Aquaman’s trident in her trophy case raises far more questions than it answers. The obvious conclusion to jump to is that Aquaman will end the film as a prisoner or otherwise in Waller’s custody. While that’s certainly a possibility, it could just as easily be that she somehow comes into possession of the trident, perhaps in the aftermath of some climactic battle.

In fact, this little nugget of information is significant for more than whatever potential spoilers it may contain. Beyond all of that, it demonstrates the sort of world building that DC’s cinematic universe will be engaging in. While ‘Man of Steel’ was fairly thin on that sort of thing (the occasional Lexcorp logo notwithstanding), this would seem to make clear that future films will be knit together much more tightly.

‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ will hit theaters on March 25, 2016. ‘Suicide Squad’ will follow later in the year, debuting on August 5.