‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance’ doesn’t hit theaters until this weekend, but the film’s co-director is already been courted for another explosive film. Deadline has reported that Sony Pictures just signed a deal with Brian Taylor to write and direct a film version of the video game ‘Twisted Metal’.

For those who aren’t into gaming, ‘Twisted Metal’ is a series that has been around since 1995 where it first appeared on the Sony Playstation. The vehicle combat game spawned no less than nine sequels with the latest version that just released for the Playstation 3 yesterday.

The game follows a group of combatants who are collected by the villain known as Calypso. These warriors are then equipped with armored and weaponized vehicles and set into various arenas for battle. Calypso’s plan in all this is to further understand the human condition. To that end, the combatants range from troubled heroes, to sociopathic killers, and everything in between. The winner of the ‘Twisted Metal’ competition will be granted a single wish.

‘Twisted Metal’ is expected to have some of the fan favorite characters from the video game series including killer clown Sweet Tooth in his flame-throwing ice cream truck and Doll Face, the young girl in the porcelain mask.

Other than the new Ghost Rider film, Brian Taylor is most well known for writing and directing ‘Crank’ and ‘Crank: High Voltage’, both starring Jason Statham (‘The Transporter’). In more genre related films, Taylor also co-wrote the screenplay for ‘Jonah Hex’, a film that did not do very well with fans of the comic series.

‘Twisted Metal’ will be produced by Marvel Comics’ Avi Arad, who most recently has been working on the upcoming ‘Amazing Spider-Man’, also for Sony Pictures.