Deep Silver has announced that they have delayed the upcoming open world first person shooter ‘Homefront: The Revolution’.

For those unaware, ‘Homefront: The Revolution’ is the successor to 2011’s ‘Homefront,’ a game series that revolves around an alternate history where both North and South Korea have united to invade the United States of America. Initially slated to released sometime in 2015, ‘Homefront: The Revolution’s’ release date has been pushed back in order to ensure the title’s quality.

“We are giving the team every opportunity to turn Homefront: The Revolution into a best-selling title, and have set a 2016 release date to provide them the time they need to achieve this,” Deep Silver CEO Klemens Kundratitz said regarding the delay. “You can expect to hear more about the game later this year.”

The first ‘Homefront’ was published by THQ, but when the publisher filed for bankruptcy, the IP was auctioned off to ‘Crysis’ developer Crytek who began to develop a new series entry called ‘Homefront: The Revolution’. But the game was eventually sold to publisher Deep Silver, who then assigned Dambuster Studios to continue developing the title.

“We are excited that Deep Silver’s acquisition of the Homefront IP and assets from Crytek has allowed development of Homefront: The Revolution to continue with minimum disruption,” said Hasit Zala, head of Dambuster Studios and director of ‘Homefront: The Revolution’. “The team here believes we are working on something truly special.”.

‘Homefront: The Revolution’ takes place two years after the original. With the loss of the western states following the Battle of San Francisco during the first game, the Greater Korean Republic (GKR) have shifted their focus into capturing the eastern states. This effort eventually leads to Philadelphia becoming their central base of operations. Under the control of the GKR, the city becomes a heavily oppressed environment with its civilians living in a constant state of fear. Players take on the role of protagonist Ethan Brady, as he leads a new resistance group there onward into another rebellion.

‘Homefront: The Revolution’ will release sometime in 2016 for PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.