From Software has released some new gameplay footage and character creation information for their upcoming PS4 exclusive ‘Souls’ series successor ‘Bloodborne’.

As a part of its ‘Bloodborne’ coverage this month, IGN has released 18 minutes of uninterrupted footage of the game’s beginning sections. To put it simply, just from those 18 minutes of gameplay alone, the game definitely looks to be stacking up quite well with its gothic Victorian-era setting, gruesome enemies and tense reflexive action gameplay. If possible, try to stick around until the end of the first video below for a monstrous fight between the player and the game’s first boss.

Following up the gameplay also comes an additional IGN footage of ‘Bloodborne’s’ character creation system below. In contrast to previous ‘Souls’ games, ‘Bloodborne’ looks to feature big changes to the creation system including more model options for both male and female characters. For example, in the second video below, you will see that players can give their character glasses and even swap between different voice types for both genders.

Another interesting touch comes in the form of the game’s lack of a starting class. Instead, players choose from a specific back story, and then grow into the kind of character they want to play as the game progresses.

‘Bloodborne’ is the newest title in the ‘Souls’ games, a series that is known among gamers for its brutally difficult action RPG dungeon crawler gameplay. It takes place in Yharnam, a ruined gothic city that often inspires travelers to embark on to pilgrimages there due to a rumor that  it has a powerful medical remedy capable of curing any affliction. ‘Bloodborne’ has players controlling a new arrival to Yharnam who must fight to survive after finding out that the city has been plagued by an endemic illness turning its citizens into grotesque beast-like creatures.

‘Bloodborne’ will release exclusively on the PS4 on March 24. 

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