To the delight of many fans, Bethesda Game Studios’ VP of Marketing, Pete Hines, announced via his Twitter feed that the eagerly awaited creation kit for ‘Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ will be released for PC tomorrow (Tuesday, February 7th).

The creation kit is set to include a set of tools that will permit ‘Skyrim’ users to create custom content and mods. Once mods are created, players will be allowed to upload them to the Skyrim Workshop. The Workshop is a Steam-based store that allows players to browse, download, and comment on others’ mods.

If the ability to modify one of the greatest games of 2011 isn’t enough, Hines’ tweet also hinted at a “special surprise”, leading players to begin speculating on what the comment could mean. The general consensus is that it’s likely (or is that hopefully) a high-definition texture pack for ‘Skyrim’.

Find out when the kit is released tomorrow. And while you’re waiting, check out the preview video for the kit: