Avalanche Studios has announced that they are letting people vote for what goes into the collector’s edition of the upcoming ‘Just Cause 3.’

Those interested in voting need only go to the ‘Just Cause 3’ website where Avalanche studios has listed twelve different items that can be potentially featured in the game’s collector’s edition. As far as how the process works, voters must select three out of the 12 items in order of preference. Upon submitting their selections, voters will be signed up to a mailing list that will notify them what the final contents of the ‘Just Cause 3’ collector’s edition will be.

The 12 items up for vote are all a bunch of different pieces of physical merchandise, which include an RC helicopter, a replica of the game’s grapple hook, a destructible puzzle statue, various dioramas, a 9-inch Rico statue, a steel book case and even a custom camouflage backpack with a ‘Just Cause 3’ logo on it.  Check out the image gallery below to see all of the different options.

As of writing, the price point of the ‘Just Cause 3’ collector’s edition has not been announced. However, if it is any indication, how much it will cost will most likely depend on which items win the vote.

Announced via Game Informer back in November 2014, ‘Just Cause 3’ is the newest entry in the long running open world action game series that first began life in 2006. Set on the fictional Mediterranean archipelago of Medici, the game takes place several years after ‘Just Cause 2’ and puts players in the shoes of Rico Rodriguez once again as he sets out on a mission to eliminate the regime of an evil dictator named General Di Ravello.

‘Just Cause 3’ is expected to launch sometime during the holiday season this year for PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. 

Source: ‘Just Cause 3’ website