We already know that an animated ‘Batman ’66‘ movie is in the works and now at least one villain has been cast! Julie Newmar (‘Buck Rogers in the 25th Century’,’Oblivion’) is set to return and reprise her role as Catwoman.

In recent years, Newmar has already returned to the franchise in ‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold’ as Martha Wayne so voice work involving Batman isn’t going to be a new thing for her. Still, reprising her iconic role with the series will be. Fans of the classic superhero show will be thrilled to hear her return to it for the 50th anniversary celebration. She is the fans’ favorite and the first of three different women to portray the character in the original run.

For those who missed the news, not only will Newmar will be returning as Selina Kyle but she will be joining Adam West and Burt Ward as they return as Batman and Robin for the film. This announcement came last weekend at the Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, N.C. With a new comic series based off this classic take on Batman as well as a remastered Blu-ray box set, now seems the perfect time to use fan’s nostalgia to push forward with the movie.

There is still no word on who the Dynamic Duo will be going up against but if this is truly to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the series I wouldn’t be surprised to see a return of The Joker, The Penguin, and possibly even The Riddler and King-Tut! All we know is that Gotham will need the help of these classic 60’s heroes once again and they’ll be ready to answer the call.

If you thought the POW! effects from criminals being hit before were amazing I can’t even imagine how great they’ll look in high resolution!

Are you happy to hear that Newmar is returning for the voice work or would you have preferred one of the other two Catwomen – Eartha Kitt or Lee Meriweather? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Blastr