Square Enix has announced that the ‘Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster’ will be releasing for the PS4 on May 12 in North America. 

Revealed via Square Enix’s Twitter account, the company also announced what gamers can expect by pre-ordering the game, which is an exclusive desktop calendar featuring art by establish ‘Final Fantasy’ series artist Yoshitaka Amano. Most fans will know Amano for his ‘Final Fantasy’ logo designs and character design work for the first six major games in the series. 

‘Final Fantasy X/X-2’ was initially released for PS3 and PS Vita last year in March. It is a compilation of both ‘Final Fantasy X’ and ‘Final Fantasy X-2’, which were initially released on the PS2 in 2001 and 2003 respectively. The HD remaster features higher resolution with graphical improvements to textures, lighting and other effects.

Besides another slight graphical upgrade to the game’s visuals, the PS4 version specifically will feature cross-save transfer support for the PS3 and PS Vita versions of the game, remote play on the PS Vita and even the possibility of switching between the original and remastered soundtracks of both games.  

‘Final Fantasy X’ and ‘Final Fantasy X-2’ were the first two major ‘Final Fantasy’ series games on the PS2. The duo marks the first time in franchise history where a mainline game was given a follow-up sequel that expanded further on the events of the previous.  

For those unaware, ‘Final Fantasy X’ tells the story of a young man named Tidus, who is transported to the world of Spira after an encounter with a dangerous creature named Sin. He soon meets a summoner by the name of Yuna, who must embark on a pilgrimage to defeat Sin. ‘Final Fantasy X-2’ takes place two years after the end of ‘Final Fantasy X’ and follows the adventures of Yuna as she embarks on an adventure as a sphere hunter along with her friends Rikku and Paine.

‘Final Fantasy X/X-2’ is scheduled to release for the PS4 on May 12. 

Source: Twitter