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Science Fiction and videogames have had their fates intertwined since the first wave of pixelated space aliens invaded arcades over 40 years ago. Let’s face it, science fiction and video games are a perfect match for each other. The otherworldly vistas of distant planets and the fast-paced action of space-based dog fights are ideal settings for the laser driven, action based escapist fantasies that video games invite the player to experience.  

While realistic war simulations, abstract platformers, and fantasy role playing games have long been a staple of the gaming industry, science fiction as a genre has the ability to cross-pollinate different categories of games. There are first person shooter science fiction video games, role playing sci-fi games, deep story driven sci-fi-esque puzzles, a whole slew of survival games and the ever popular dog fight games. In fact, there are so many different kinds of science fiction video games that you probably haven’t even played them all.

We’ve put together a selection of some of the best, new, classic, and little known science fiction games from around the web. These are all free browser-based games which don’t require login, purchase, or downloads of any kind in order to play. So, get ready to broaden your horizons and kiss your free time goodbye with some of the best, most addicting, science fiction video io games available online.  


10. Into Space 2

What better game to start a list about science fiction games than one based around blasting off! This is the highly rated sequel to the beloved Into Space, a classic flash game about grinding your way through the space race. You’ll be researching and developing a rocket that is trying to get all the way to Mars. Use your cash wisely to buy upgrades and research new technology and beat your opponents to the red planet!  



Now that you’ve made it to another planet, it’s time to colonize! The thrills never stop in this shooter based civ game where you compete against multiple other players online to build a colony on a foreign planet. Manage resource gathering, military defense, and the needs of your growing city!


8. Bit Warfare

Bit Warfare is an epic retro-styled game that puts you in command of a familiar 2-D gaming trope. Very similar to Asteroids but with a twist! In this game everything is upgradeable and you’ll have to mine the galaxy to build yourself up. Lots of interesting choices based on which planets to mine and how to spend the resources. Deceptively simple and a lot of fun.


7. Neon Run!

Sometimes, the future looks a lot like the past. In Neon Run! You’re the pilot of a futuristic jump-jet who is just trying to race their way through a first person perspective of laser grids, neon obstacles, and mecha blockades. It is a lighter fare reflex based game with great aesthetics. A nice breather in between some of the more brain burning strategy games we’re listing.


6. Stormwinds: The Lost Campaigns

There is just something so poignant about the future being a barren, desolate dystopia where roving bands of desert pirates fight for dominance and resources on a dying planet. Stormwinds takes it a step further and makes you the captain of a giant airship that has to constantly upgrade itself with different items and resources in order to stay alive in a dead future. Fun!


5. Man or Monster

Ok, so we’ve seen space and futuristic stuff but where are the giant monsters? Don’t worry we got you covered! Man or Monster is a sprawling adventure game where you can play as a man trying to stop the giant city wrecking beasts or as one of the beasts themselves. It is an award-winning game with a cool twist on some old mechanics and great pixel-bit art.


4. Supermechs

If there is one thing we can be certain about the future of technology, it’s that it will be used to build really cool mechanized suits of armor with devastating built-in weapons. Mechs are a staple of sci-fi in everything from Iron Man to RoboJox and even Pacific Rim. This game lets you build up, customize, and upgrade your own mech to do the most damage against your opponent.


3. Downgrade

Oh, so you like upgrades do you? What if your whole world was turned upside down and instead of having to constantly upgrade your ship you were forced to make tactical and strategic downgrades?  Downgrade does a great job subverting your expectations and remaining fun. A great game for people who have already finished every upgrade based game out there.


2. Fade Out

Sometimes the existential terror of being lost in space is game enough. In Fade Out, you are a bit-pixel stick figure who is trying to outrun the void. Stay one step ahead of the disappearing grid and live to walk another plank. It’s simple but addictive.


1.  Tactics Core

The future is just a never-ending war in all directions. Tactics Core is an io game where you get to choose from a plethora of walkers, tanks, future jets, and interceptors – each with their own separate maneuver and upgrade tree – and then wage war against an entire planet. You can slowly upgrade your craft as you seek out and destroy opposing players home bases but you’ll also have to keep your home turf defended from the onslaught of enemy ships! It works out a lot of your brain all at once.