Earlier in the week, Cryptic Games revealed that they made plans to erect an official in-game memorial in ‘Star Trek Online’ devoted to Leonard Nimoy, the actor known for playing Spock who recently passed away at age 83. After the MMORPG’s scheduled March 5 maintenance, it looks like the studio has finally made good on their promise.

The official memorial stands on the in-game version of Spock’s home world of planet Vulcan.  According to ‘Star Trek Online’ executive producer Stephen Ricossa, it will be located at the very same fountain where nearly 1,000 players gathered together after the announcement of Nimoy’s passing.

“Based on where our community chose to congregate and pay their respects, we will be replacing the central structure on the fountain on Vulcan with a stone statue of Spock with the inscription “Live Long and Prosper,” Ricossa wrote on the Arc Games website.

The same memorial stone statue of Spock will also appear on the planet of New Romulus with an inscription that reads “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”  Most ‘Star Trek’ fans will recognize this as one of Spock’s most famous quotes.

On top of the two memorials, an additional memorial plaque will be added to both locations containing not only Leonard Nimoy’s name, but the names of other actors in the ‘Star Trek’ family who have passed away. These other names include Majel Barret (Nurse Chapel), James Doohan (Scotty), DeForest Kelley (Dr. McCoy) and Gene Roddenberry (creator of ‘Star Trek’).

Ricossa commented on the inclusion: “In this small way, we hope to honor the memory and contribution of those who helped shape Star Trek into the cultural touchstone it is today.”

‘Star Trek Online’ is a sci-fi MMORPG developed by Cryptic Studios, a developer whose portfolio includes other MMORPGS, such as the ‘City of Heroes/Villains’ series and ‘Champions Online’. It was originally released February 2, 2010.

Source: Arc Games