The Joker obsession continues, with fans scouring the internet for new pics of Jared Leto with his Joker haircut, which you can see below from his own personal Instagram page, as well as a Tweeted picture of him and Solange Knowles. Despite the original assertion that his hair looked slightly green in the Twitter picture (which had originally been seen on Instagram) the green tint was only due to a filter, and his hair in both pictures is really bleached blonde. Why blonde? Because when he does go green for the role, blonde hair is far easier to dye than any other color, and for the type of Joker look they seem to be going for, they want it to look as clean as possible.

What type of Joker will Leto look like? So far it’s clear they are steering far away from Ledger’s version of the look (understandably so as they probably don’t want to remind people of Ledger’s famous Joker, as the comparison’s would always be unfair to Leto). Based on the haircut alone, it seems they are going for a look similar to Greg Capullo’s take on the Joker from the recent Batman Comic series ‘Endgame.’ The hair, alongside the newly shaved eyebrows (see first Instragram pic below) definitely give Leto a menacing look, and even if the make-up folk end up giving Leto some fake green eyebrows, one cannot deny the full commitment to the character, as the look will have to be maintained throughout shooting, and will not solely be something applied with make-up the day Leto shoots a Joker scene.

Regardless, its nice to see Leto getting into the swing of things, and here’s hoping he manages to pull of his version of the character with the same deftness and skill as those that came before him. Look for ‘Suicide Squad’ and the first big-screen appearance of Leto’s Joker to hit screens on August 5, 2016.

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