Most horror fans enjoy this genre because of the rush they get when they watch it. So what if you could carry some of that with you and tap into it via an app on your phone whenever the mood arises? Introducing ‘Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary’, a free to play game with additional features, game elements and virtual goods available for purchase in the iTunes App Store.

This geo-location based, augmented reality role-playing game, is now available exclusively for the iPhone. Published by Ogmento under license from Paramount Digital Entertainment, ‘Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary’ creates a new way for players to interact with their environment. Their world is the new game board and favorite neighborhood locations – such as coffee shops, grocery stores, parks – become integral elements in the game to transform a player’s daily routine into a riveting experience.

Demonic forces are trying to bring hell to earth, and it’s up to players to withstand temptations and possessions to stop them. In ‘Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary’ for the iPhone, players will have to choose a side in the global battle between good or evil. Using their iPhone at home, at work, or where ever they are, this location-based, augmented reality experience will empower players to seek out demonic activity that will test their sanity at every turn. Be careful not to succumb to evil urges, or players will become possessed by powerful dark forces. Cast spells to create sanctuaries around a player’s favorite places to keep the demons away, or submit to the unknown and spread hellholes across the city. But players can’t persevere on their own; they’ll want to recruit and collaborate with friends around the world to stay on top.

“The Paranormal Activity franchise embodies the powerful psychological space between what’s real and what’s imagined,” said Brian Selzer, co-founder and president of Ogmento. “We wanted to encapsulate that feeling in an iPhone game and use augmented reality to accentuate the overall game experience in a way that has never been done before.”

The launch of this game marks several milestones in mobile gaming:

It’s the first augmented reality game of its kind to use Ogmento’s patent-pending technology that engages with user-generated content. It allows users to draw out game play elements on paper that come into life in the game through a camera phone.

It’s also the first game of its kind to mix geo-social and vision-based augmented reality game elements with a top tier film franchise.

‘Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary’ for the iPhone can be downloaded for free at: