It’s been one week since the world lost Leonard Nimoy. The legendary actor known for his role as Spock in ‘Star Trek’ was rushed to UCLA Medical Center after suffering from chest pains due to COPD and passed away last Friday at the age of 83. Since then, many people from all walks of life have been paying tribute to his life and career. There has just been an outpouring of love and support from Nimoy’s former co-stars, friends, and fans in many different ways. For example, Cryptic Games unveiled a memorial statue in the world of ‘Star Trek Online’ for players to gather and pay their respects to all the members of the ‘Star Trek’ family that have passed away. And now, the cast and crew of a certain CBS sitcom have shared their own short and sweet tribute to the fallen icon.

After the credits of this week’s episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’, executive producer Chuck Lorre used his trademark vanity card to honor the memory of Leonard Nimoy. Instead of including a lengthy essay, observation, or editorial as seen at the end of every project from Chuck Lorre Productions like ‘Dharma & Greg,’ ‘Two and a Half Men,’ and ‘Mike & Molly,’ the latest card included a black and white picture of Nimoy and one sentence that sums things up quite nicely:

Though Nimoy never actually appeared on the show in person, his presence was definitely felt as Jim Parson’s Sheldon Cooper often discusses his love of ‘Star Trek,’ Spock, and the actor himself (even though on the show Nimoy had a restraining order placed on Sheldon at one point). However, the star did lend his voice to a Spock action figure that served as Sheldon’s conscience in the 2012 episode titled ‘The Transporter Malfunction.’

What did you think about the Leonard Nimoy tribute on ‘The Big Bang Theory’? How will you honor the memory of one of the greatest icons in not only science fiction, but in all of pop culture? Let us know below.

Source: Variety