In a recent interview with MTV UK, Hugh Jackman has expressed interest in Wolverine making a cameo appearance besides Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming ‘Deadpool’ film. It would not be the first time that Deadpool and Wolverine were on the big screen together, as Reynolds played Deadpool in the subpar ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine,’ working alongside Wolverine as part of the Weapon X program. Of course, Deadpool was a bit ruthless in the movie, mowing down soldiers and civilians when ordered, not to mention becoming a ruthless killing machine with stolen mutant powers at the end of the movie, none of which sat right with Wolverine. Still, it is that antagonistic relationship that appeals to Jackman, stating:

“They are definitely enemies in the comics, and they always spar off world together. So, I’d be open to that idea.”

While that may not be a definite yes or no, the fact of the matter is that Jackman is the face of 20th Century Fox’s ‘X-Men’ franchise, and I’m sure if he wanted a cameo, the studio would oblige. The real question is how many more times will Jackman want to play the clawed hero? If he appears in ‘Deadpool,’ the count so far will be 8 movies where he’s played Wolverine, and there’s at least one other ‘X-Men’ film along with a standalone coming down the pipeline. I don’t think the fans mind, as he has long been a favorite, and since he has aged remarkably well it still fits the character to have Jackman playing him (as Wolverine is ageless in the comics). It seems that Jackman might just be interested in playing Wolverine for the long haul, till old age or death completely prevents him from putting on the suit. Until then, it’s a golden age for Wolverine and the fans, as the man behind the mask loves playing him, and wants to do so as often as possible for the time being. Here’s hoping he’s our Wolverine for many years to come.