Fans planning a venture into ‘Jurassic World‘ this summer can whet their collective appetites with the new material being released by Universal Pictures this week. On the viral site for the upcoming film, they have provided detailed pictures of over 15 species of dinosaurs that will be featured in the new film, along with stats about each of the given species, including size, diet, and “aggression index.” Missing still are pages for Pachycephalosaurus, Parasaurolophus and Velociraptor, which supposedly are ready and have just to go live. While the main attraction for the park and the new film, Indominus Rex, can only be seen in outline, the filmmakers are clearly still hoping that the big reveal of the new dinosaur will be a major draw for movie-goers. Check out all the pictures below the video and for more information, you can visit the  ‘Jurassic World’ site.

Also recently released is a great viral video designed to encourage visitors to ‘Jurassic World’ to visit the “Hammond Creation Lab.” (though they don’t say it, its nice to see the filmmakers are paying homage to Richard Attenborough’s character from the original film). The video has just the right blend of cheesiness and schmaltz that you almost believed the Lab is a real place, and that this is a video you might see were you to watch the information channel while staying in a room at ‘Jurassic World.’ Here’s the official description of the video:

“A new Age of dinosaurs starts here at The Hammond Creation Lab. In our state of the art facilities, the world’s greatest living paleontologists work to extract, sequence and assemble the DNA necessary to bring dinosaurs back from extinction to Jurassic World. Watch the scientists in Hammond Creation Lab bring dinosaurs to life through our patented de-extinction process.”

It’s nice to see the amount of time and effort going into hyping ‘Jurassic World,’ as it shows that Universe clearly has a lot of faith in the film, and wants to see it succeed. Let’s hope it delivers big when it opens in theaters on June 12, 2015.


Source: Spinoff, Comicbook Resources, Designtrend