It’s been several years since we’ve heard about the remake of the ‘Red Sonja’ film, but now it seems that the film is once again moving forward with a new writer. According to THR, Nu Image/Millennium Films have tapped Christopher Cosmos to scribe a new screenplay for the film.

First word about a ‘Red Sonja’ remake came around 2008 when Robert Rodriguez announced he would be developing the film with his then-girlfriend Rose McGowan to star in the titular role. The film didn’t go beyond the development stage as McGowan had to bow out due to some massive nerve damage to her arm which prevented her from being able to swing the sword in the action scenes for fear of paralysis. McGowan did, however, get to appear in the Conan universe when she played the beautiful but deadly witch Marique in the ‘Conan, The Barbarian’ remake starring Jason Momoa.

Sometime after, Doug Aarniokoskki was said to be working on the project with the rumor that Megan Fox would star. Then in 2011, producer Avi Lerner (who was also the producer on the ‘Conan’ remake) stated that the ‘Red Sonja’ reboot has finally found another director, Simon West, who at the time had directed ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider’ and ‘Con Air.’ He also stated that Amber Heard was in talks for the title role. Not much as reported after that but now it looks as though the slate has been wiped clean and the project is now starting over with Cosmos as scribe.

While most attribute Red Sonja as a creation of author Robert E. Howard (the same man who created Conan the Barbarian), the character is actually a Marvel comic by writer Roy Thomas so it may not be a surprise that this film has taken on more of a priority to now get made.

There’s no word on the angle Cosmos is taking with regards to the story and so far no director nor actors are attached but once we find out, we’ll be sure to report on it! Hopefully this time, we’ll get to the “She-Devil with a Sword” once again on the big screen and remove the memory of the last ‘Red Sonja’ film which starred Bridgitte Nielson!